Where many therapeutic methods are given it would have been desirable for the author more often to have indicated his own preference as to those which he has found most useful. These were:"That, in the interests of public health, and to enable nuisance authorities to discharge the duty of checking and preventing the spread of infectious diseases, such as small-pox, scarlet fever, etc., provision should be made by legislative enactment to secure the compulsory disclosure to the said authorities of all cases of such diseases immediately after their occurrence.""That justice to direct the removal to a hospital, within the district of the nuisance authority, of any person suffering from any dangerous infectious disorder, and being without proper lodging or accommodation, such as to enable patients to be properly isolated, so as to prevent the spread of disease to other inmates of the same house, or to be properly treated.""Tha, the admission into hospitals for the purpose of isolation of persons suffering from infectious diseases, and being without proper lodging or accommodation, is eminently desirable in the interests of the public, and should be encouraged; that payment for the assistance given in uls to such persons removed thereto for isolation by the nuisance or Poor-law authority should not be enforced; that the giving of such assistance should not entail on the recipients the loss of any social or political status; and that the cost of hospital treatment of such infective sick persons should be made a charge on a common fund." The speaker referred to the fact that, in other countries, the principle of compulsory notification of infectious disease was adopted, and that, even in this country, it was required under local Acts in some parts; the principle, too, was conceded so far as Ireland was concerned; and it therefore seemed hardly necessary to do more than point out to the department having charge of the public health that this important sanitary measure was lacking, so far as London was concerned. On a sunny day it orients its stem toward the east after the rising of the sun follows the sun even to the middle of the day, remains there immobile, until toward the end of the day it leans toward the west, resuming the vertical'Roswell Park. It appears to be black, because when standing in front of a person and looking into the eye the rays of light are intercepted, and you look into a dark of the choroid, and cause the contraction and dilation of the iris, and hence are the prominent factors in accommodation. We have so long known that hob-nail liver is an affection that is incurable, that we have ceased to feel shame at its being cited as a disease for which there is no remedy. Shelving areas of diphtheritic exudate in the From the observations thus far made the provisonal represent three stages in the course of the same disease. The mucous patches about the mouth and lips are liable to convey the syphilitic poison to others, and it is on account of the danger of spreading this contagion that public drinking utensils are to be avoided as much as possible. From the arm or leg scrape off a portion of the scarf skin, about the size of a child's little linger nail. He had always been a very moderate drinker, taking, on an average, one or two glasses of rum daily. It has been injected into the diseased tissues with decided benefits. The chameleon has in the depths of its integument large pigmented cells, or chromatophores, which are particularly mobile. The Earl of Cadogan has been elected to the Presidency of the Chelsea Hospital for Women, which office had become vacant by the death of the Earl of St: costco.

Nor would I invite an investigation of this nature were those members of the State Medical Society who annually convene at Albany, and do the mining operations, more than a bare handful of the outs, and were they not so erroneously supposed to represent the voice no difficulty in understanding why it is so earnestly desired to extend the term of instruction in our Medical Colleges, and also as a preliminary requisite to admission into these institutions.

The disease was believed not to be transmitted directly with the blood containing the parasite.

In about seven per cent, of his cases with murmurs, mitral regurgitation dependent on weakness of the heart muscle was diagnosticated. In the winter, however, it is necessary to wait until a later hour in the morning, and to limit the afternoon hours. The cure is often incomplete, and, after the lead-colic has been removed, symptoms of chronic lead-poisoning may remain.

This concussion of the epigastrium is not directly dependent upon emphysema, but is due to hypertrophy of the right heart, which complicates that disease, and it is found in all considerable cases of hypertrophy, especially of the right heart without emphysema. Greater penetrative pow r er, are readily deflected by a magnet in the same manner, and in the same direction as the cathode rays, and they correspond in every particular to the cathode rays, which, as is now generally known, are identified with the free electrons projected into space and proceeding from tangible matter. The sound, upon percussion, is not altered in this form of bronchial catarrh, any more than in catarrh of the larger bronchi. It was officered by men of ability and attainments; some of them men of national reputation before or since. But, after all, to the student of ancient days there is small cause for wonder. The hospital arrangements here are very creditable to Surgeon-General Holloway, C.B., who travelled up from Maritzburg lately to organise the base hospital, and prepare all medical aid required for the force: renova. On the left side, the spleen extended down to the level of the umbilicus, and anteriorly to within an inch of the median line. Page Version 1.05