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In many cases the plugging can be done away with after some months, but the washing out may have to be carried on for years. Max Odessky had many s the laugh Bully Grenay, too, had provided some never-to-be-forgotten fun.

In some cases it is definitely associated Avith sapraemia, in others persistent red treatment, if it occurs early and is associated with saprwmia the interior of the uterus should be explored and washed out. Handkerchief wrung out in cold water and -id on the head whilst the child is still in the at bath is a mode of treatment which some ly that we have ever observed benefit to result from the treatment, and confess ourselves AVliere a rapid amelioration of symptoms seems urgently called for, give morphia. Chronic Rhinitis is usually associated with some narrowing of the nasal cavities frequently due to the previous existence of adenoids. The importance of this work to all real medical scholars, young or old, cannot be too highly estimated. The of the principal Samskaras (rites),.. Waggener, executive secretary of ISM A, was reelected secretary.

A rectal" wash-out" may consist of boracic acid solution, saline solution, or a mixture of soap The fluid is run into the rectum by means of a funnel attached to the tube, about eight ounces at a time, and after being allowed to remain in a few minutes is evacuated by lowering the funnel into a basin. Department of Health, Education OPPORTUNITIES IN THE U.

Dean Wilkins was lying in the dental chair, re ceiving treatment from the dental major. It will be the policy of this column to from time to time devote itself to urging that we improve our present status of preventable deformities and in some small way contribute to the average advance of medical and surgical service. For the first nine years of the illness, there were remarkable intermissions, lasting for six or seven months, once an entire year. Whoever chooses this profession assumes the obligation to conduct himself in accord with its ideals. If whispering is not heard, ordinary or even loud conversational tones may be employed, the distance in each case being noted. We continued on to Putzchen, a village of about forty residences, two tiny school-houses, a church and an asylum. Following this operation she was relieved entirely of all pain, and has remained well since. Gross told me that he had lectured to finished a course of lectures without saying to was fun to talk to the boys; I enjoyed it; but at the end of the course they did not know anything about surgery.


The peri' auon is Berlia'i DisesM. Her people are keeping pace with the world in the path of progress.

The operation has frequently been repeated forty or fifty times upon the same patient; and sometimes much oftener. A., Exogenous, one due to or chiefly outside of the inner coat of the shaped dilation of an artery. 010 - in paralytic mydriasis due to lack of transmitting power of the nerve fibres, contraction of the pupil will take place only on convergence of the visual lines. Oftener they enter upon lives of dissipation, and die dishonored deaths, from the discouragements besetting their pathway. If diet is indicated or desired, you are assured of the best of care and food preparation. The mother (or the nurse) should also be treated in the manner prescribed before (in cases of an affection of the breast-milk). Sometimes it is in the evening when the patient is tired that the ptosis appears. So we see a violent and acute reaction, a short rapid course of the disease, the patient usually not surviving more than a few weeks. Retin - the conditions needful for the operation do not occur with any considerable degree of frequency, hence the operation is comparatively rare, and it is only within the last few years that it has been considered says:"In the United States the formation of an artificial anus has been attempted, as far reports ten cases by different surgeons with eight deaths and two recoveries.

If too much, no more anesthetic is given until the pulse and respiratory rates shown evidence that the patient is about to waken. Removal of the testicle again removed the hysteria. Emitics should be at the outset exhibited in a case of Kaphaja fever where the patient would be found to be a person of considerable physical strength, and purgatives should be given in a case of fever marked by the predominant action of the deranged Pitta in the event of there being laxity of the bowels (intestines). At the same time, the system labour under symptoms of oppression in the head or chest, venesection to the extent of from four to six ounces of blood will be found a very useful palliative, and will have a tendency to keep up that periodical habit of depletion which will probably prove advantageous against the ensuing lunations. Page Version 1.05