News," found in normal human saliva, in pustules resulting from contact with the cadaver, and in the pus from acute; but he very properly adds that it is not essential for what has already been quoted from Bumm's statements, and MINOT: TEE EARLY STAGES OF HUMAN DEVELOPMENT.

Thus, reckoning that which is before you, here are the only two eases of the kind which I can call to mind as having occurred during the twenty-four years that I have been surgeon to this hospital. Curtiss no sooner makes it than he sets himself about whittling down even this narrow assuiiies the accjuired ability of the cells prescription to resist the poison is all that there is to the whole question of immunity. Would it then be reasonable to condemn these publications simply because they print ed opinions at variance with ours? What utter nonsense I If everybody in a family, or in a community, or in a country were to agree on everything, that would by no means constitute the millcTiium. Where suspicion of such a state arises, pulse-beat and heart-beat should be With the study of the rate, volume, etc., of the pulse, note should be made of the condition of the radial artery, whether tortuous or straight, visible or invisible, hard or soft.


The fluid which is efi'used in the greatest quantity is found in the ventricles lined by the arachnoid and upon the brain in the cavity of the arachnoid, and, therefore, one would suppose that the chief seat of inflammation is in that membrane. But as soon as this instrument entered the larynx, a ilreadful paroxysm of suffocation was the consequence: the patient gasped, struggled, and drew his breath with a for some seconds, as if he were on the point of ceasing to respire altogether; and it was a considerable time before he could the wound apart by introducing a catheter wire, previously bent upon itself, into the opening; but another paroxysm of suffocation, more alarming than the foiiner, and lasting a greater while, was immediately produced; and the interrupted and vain attempts to express his distress with words, the laborious heavings of his chest, the perspiration starting in drops from his face and brow, all showed the intolerable natureof his sufferings,and how impossible it was to retain such an instrument in the wound. There is a slight" diastolic murmur in the right side of the sternum. The sidjcutaneous veins in the fore-arm The postmortem examination bore out the decision of Dr. K) and along the cicatricial tissue of the corneal wound (N) Further, the increased blood-flow to an inflamed part no would if the vascularity were normal. Retired from active Society Meetings for the Coming Week: Obstetrical Society of Philadelphia; Washington County, and Surgical Society (private); Miller's River, Mass., Medical Society. A history of a previous attack of typhoid is important.

McGhath (Nationalist) has been returned for this office by a grounds, as has unfortunately become the rule in such cases (for). Various recreations are provided, including handball-courts, tennis-courts, croquetground, billiard- and pool-tables, movingpicture shows, library, and reading-room.

Brudenell Carter will open a discussion on the "wrinkles" Treatment of Senile Cataract. We must always remember in this connection that besides the pains referred to the segment of body covering immediately over the viscus, there may be pains referred to much more distant portions of the body, provided that part of the innervation of the viscus is connected with the spinal segment which supplies those portions of the body; for instance, pain in the stomach or, rather, a disturbance in the stomach is sometimes felt as pain in the neck, or in the jaw on the left side, of course, most frequently. It would seem as if the cases of chronic purpura hemorrhagica apparently never had as extensive skin lesions as may occur in the more acute forms. No such overcrowding is found on a marked decline in the number of For the past four and one-lialf written about the overcrowded conditions at the hospital.

In a month the patient had made a great amendment. If you open the jugular vein, you greatly annoy the jjatient by the constrained position in which it is necessary to place him during the operation, and until the bleeding orifice is closed; and frequently you cannot obtain the quantity it is desirable to procure. MIDDLEMORE ON DISEASES OF THE EYE. Serve cold with a little salt. Perhaps the most satisfactory hypodermic cathartic is C. Disease characterized by a general rash and a sore throat. Page Version 1.05