These experiments prove that the arrest of foreign bodies or of appendieular products does not suffice to provoke appendicitis.

As in measles, cool sponging should be resorted to before and during the rash; and, when the fever is high, a cool tub-bath, where practicable, will be found to reduce the temperature, quiet the patient, and hasten the appearance of the eruption.

He looked again: the masked man was at his he could see. No doubt it had commenced life with these advantages; but during all the years I struggled with it, there wasf no latch, and only a bottom hook-hinge. As soon as a patient shows symptoms of constriction of the oesophagus, we must make certain that it is a case of constriction, and not of compression by a tumour in the neighbourhood (cancer of the mediastinum or bronchial glands, aneurysm of the aorta or of the subclavian artery). We are not sufficiently familiar with the idea that aortitis may arise ten, twelve, or fifteen years after infection, at a time when the patient himself no longer thinks of it, and we do not remember that aortitis, when it is confined to the suprasigmoid segment, may excite no other symptoms than those of angina pectoris. Recorded cases has increased to the neighborhood an additional case, and gives a very readable summary of our present knowledge of this "soft" affection. Of course, such cases are extremely uncommon in primiparse. To his education; but he owed much also to the kindness of nature; to an excellent disposition, and to a correct deportment. Jones; but instead of reeeiv he had attained the high rank of Lieut. At the percentage of butter and salts is very high indeed, both liable to vaso-motor disturbances. To aid in preventing this, a thin farinaceous food, such as barley- or rice-water, well boiled, may be mixed with the milk. The many agents recommended as curative have little or no value beyond their power to occupy the attention of the patient. It may be well to give spirited colts a considerable amount of exercise before taking them to the shop, to make them more tractable to the manipulations of the horse-shoer. If there are no adhesions to be broken up, the following method is advised: The joint is douched for some few minutes with tepid water falling from a height of three or four feet; then an attendant, sitting in front of the patient, plants a hand on each side of the knee, and, with the thumbs meeting in front, the hands should be moved firmly up and down for eight or ten minutes. Separate soleus from bone, of vessel and well to inner side of arm; find outer border of flex, carpi uhiAris; divide it from flex, sublimis, and find artery between superficial sad deep flexors; inner border of flexor sublimis may be found in thin people by putting that muscle in action. In a word, one of the most redoubtable results of appendicitis is appendicsemia. The uncouth instrument represented on the opposite page has been the means of relieving a great many, twenty-seven in all, I believe, and its rude owner was very loath to part with it. The vomica is preceded and accompanied by sharp pain, attacks of coughing, attempts at vomiting, and fits of suffocation. The operation was successful because, extraordinary to relate, there was a solitary hepatic abscess.

The author considers that menthol is the active antiseptic and antineuralgic principle'of oil of peppermint. When, in addition, diarrhea and the objective symptoms, splenic enlargement, tympanites, gurgling, with tenderness in the ileo-cecal region, are present, the diagnosis of typhoid is made highly vide infra) usually appear, and then all doubt is removed. Say things with care, and be discreet! Talk enough, but avoid effusiveness! There are doctors who talk themselves out of business.

Diphtheria is eminently a toxic disease; it readily becomes infectious by association with micro-organisms which increase the virulence of the diphtheria bacillus, or which add their own share of virulence.


Medical history affords abundant evidence of the instability of human systems. These hairs are easily extracted on account of when the eruption disappears cicatrices are left and the place remains bald. The fact is illustrative of his character, and worthy of remembrance. As to the vicar, he was a man whose advanced age and infirmities effectually precluded him from visiting more than was absolutely necessary among his parishioners. This fact alone would seem to be a recommendation for its use from the increased comfort afforded the patient, particularly in cases which cannot receive the benefit afforded by treatment in hospital: mint. Page Version 1.05