Care will have to be exercised on this point, as young children are apt to appropriate as their personal experience and knowledge any matters concerning themselves which may be mentioned history. As in typhus, therefore, infection would appear to be, to some extent, conveyed by the air, and to be contained in the exhalations of the patient. Anatomically the pancreas may present a dry necrotic appearance, but as a rule the organ is converted into a dark slaty-colored mass lying nearly free in the omental cavity or attached by a few shreds. Milk, oatmeal and rriilk, or bread and butter and milk. The distended bladder must be emptied very slowly. Sometimes a number of polypoid growths are studded over the mucous membrane. In these cases of continuous and remittent fever the patient, seen fairly early in the disease, has a flushed face and grants looks ill.

Fresh wounds can be protected by covering with tar. When the hands suffer, the characteristic attitude is one in which they are crossed over the breast or raised above the head.

A spedays at intervals of three or four cific action unattainable by any othei wxeks, the pain being situated in the agent is depilation. An important requisite in diphtheria, therefore, is to have the patient in a southeast room, no hangings at the windows, and the bed so placed as to receive the unobstructed rays of the sun from morning to night Where this is done, the intense and persistent anaemia so common after diphtheria is not so marked, and convalescence is more satisfactory and progresses without interruption. A rare cause in children is extension through the diaphragm from an empyema. Mitchell Prudden thought that in the first case the chances were very much in favor of the tumor having an ovarian origin, from the fact that sarcoma of the ovary is so much more likely to occur than sarcomatous change in a fibromyoma. With very few exceptions, the physicians of the State have not sought to minimize the dangers of this dread disease, or to allay the excitement, which was most salutary, except by promising to the citizens exemption from attack if they would submit to vaccination. The silver injections may be very painful, but they are invaluable in all forms of ulcerative colitis. The organ is heavy, the affected portion airless; the pleura is usually covered with a thin exudate, and on section the picture resembles closely that of ordinary hepatization. Two anatomical difficulties, however, may present themselves: in the first place, there is a difficulty due to the presence of the middle turbinated body, and the narrowing and sometimes irregular course of the infundibulum; and, secondly, there is the risk of the instrument entering one of the anterior ethmoidal cells. The axis of the band indicates the axis of that meridian; which observation is of great practical use when ordering glasses for children, with whom the suggestive test is unreliable.


Sore throat is an irritation or inflammation of the pharynx or the larynx.

Plenty of fresh air is also very important, preserving the animals' health by bringing oxygen, carrying away the waste, and keeping the quarters dry. Ankylosis of the shoulder produces a similar inability to raise the arm; but the ankylosis can be easily detected by makingpassive movements. Brown pigment is deposited about the centre of the lobules and the connective tissue is greatly increased. Epistaxis may be severe, and may necessitate plugging of the nostrils. Under such circumstances, it is not very difficult to believe that the attendant congestion may cause a slight haemorrhagic discharge from an ulcerated cervix, a polypus, or even from the inflamed decidua vera covering the lower pole of the uterus before this membrane has come into only to the physiological discharge which accompanies the monthly destruction and expulsion of the uterine endometrium, it is obviously impossible that menstruation could take place during pregnancy without causing abbrtion. During the performance of capital operations on the hattle field, death sometimes ensues from nervous exhaustion, produced by excess of suffering; the use of chloroform relieves the patient at least from this risk. Page Version 1.05