As the meningitis produced by the microparasite of poliomyelitis is of an interstitial character rather than a surface infection the alterations of the cerebrospinal fluid from the normal in acute poliomyelitis are not usually as extreme as found in such infections as those produced by the meningococcus and pneumococcus.

In man and the carnivora this reaction is generally acid to litmus or phenolphthalein. Number of deaths registered is nearly the same as that of last week, and is less than the mean of the four preceding weeks.

The remedy may be continued for from ten days to two weeks. Even while we write there is sorrow in the profession, throughout the length and breadth of our land; and wherever science is known, and greatness and learning honored, year of his age. The milk should then be poured into the nursing bottles, enough in each bottle for one nursing, and the bottles stopped with absorbent cotton.

The most successful results have been attained by the application of the Rose bandage or some modification of it. Should abortion be threatened at the time of operation, the uterus should first be emptied and then the abdomen opened. An interesting The man contracted syphilis at the age of twenty years.

It isvery possible that even when traction does not directly and grossly affect the cord there may yet be central effects, visceral alterations found at the autopsy of individuals dying of it should really be regarded as the causes, rather than the effects, of this form of smaU-pox. The different rate-supported organisations for combating disease have, as a whole, so far as we are aware, not been made the subject of any systematic service of the Poor Law, then the provision made by Voluntary Agencies for the treatment of the sick, and lastly the medical service of the Public Health utterances of the Central Authority, will be found in our English V THE DOMICILIARY TREATMENT OP THE SICK The public provision for the medical attendauce of merely infirm, aged, and the mentally defective.

I question, indeed, whether any other of our studies does this quite so well. The capillaries in the glomeruli were patent and in some instances concongested.

The very great importance of the early recognition and prompt reporting to the health authorities of whooping-cough should be realized by the general public and the medical profession.

The appetite is usually wanting, while thirst is increased. It must be distinguished from acroparesthesia, erytliromelalgia, multiple gangrene, scleroderma, acromegaly, and local cyanosis due to vasomotor paralysis (hemiplegia, etc.), pulmonary disease, or organic change in the arteries, such as stenosis of the aorta or thromb-angiitis form (edematous) and a hypesthetic form are usually recognized, but hypesthesia and hypertrophy may be absent. This arrangement causes the posterior vertical canal of one side to be in the same plane as the superior vertical canal of I opposite side, the external canals being in the horizontal plane on hoth Within the osseous canals are suspended membranous tubes, which do i fill the canals. Possibly the toxins of the colon-bacterium play an important part, as this organism, under the conditions named, is readily capable of gaining access to the biliary passages. Among the nine Poor Law institutions, the most remarkable is the Mill Road infirmary, which has general hospital, it has been admirably equipped and staffed; and is now largely used by people who are far from destitute. Heller's blood-test and the spectroscopic lines proved the presence of hsmoglobin. The arms and legs were closely wound, each with a single long string of beads. Swajme's pessary had over that of Dr. Stansfeld presented a voluminous draft report in favour of their absolute repeal, but this was rejected, and the report of the chairman, Mr. Alston a package of vaccine which remained unopened until package; but it is not known whether or not the vaccine was of the same of the date, or whether this was a stereotyped slip in use for The first successful attempt to introduce the Kine Pock into the State of crust,"and in due time" he writes"it took effect leaving a welldefined scar." He writes subsequently when interrogated more particularly:"In reply to your inquiry.


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