That is connected with the upper end of A by a rubber cork (as shown in the figure), so that the open upper can be held in an inverted position over the upper end of of thirty-per-cent.

He showed, for instance, that microbes protected against phagocytes, by blotting paper, would develop easily, notwithstanding their imbibition by the fluids of the organism. Then he received a letter from the publishers of the American Journal of the Dr. There is a subconscious feeling, creeping out for now and then in pretty lively language, that if one department get what it asks for, the other will not get all for which it asks. In all operations within the urethra, except at the meatus or of very scabies minor degrees, it is wise to tie in a catheter for the first day or two. Upon healthy animals no results will be produced; sometimes a slight edematous engorgement of the treated lid may be observed. Cumming, Uavid' Pvort Huron, Mich. Local treatment of puerperal endometritis. He emphasized the importance of recognizing both mild and obscure cases. It is difficult to suggest how a greater number of im portant bacteriological facts could be more fully or concisely presented. C, unmarried, forty-four years of age, and still regularly menstruating, has been supporting herself by work as a milliner. This fact seems to justify the thought already stated regarding the possibility of the effect of dietary traumatism on the stomach and the upper intestinal tract.

New process for the Tongue! early condltimis of can Tens on constitutional low arter relation to life of individual. The Arsenical Springs of La Bourboule.

The neck muscles on one side are drawn aside, when the vessels at once appear between trachea and muscles, only covered by a delicate sheath. It has no neurotopic action, nor any coagulating effect on the albumins of the blood or on the red corpuscles, the liver or spleen.

He is too much interested in improving their breed. It has also been given iu menorrhagia, bleeding fibroids, the tensicui of uterine ti.ssue. This opinion is naturally still held by many of those whose experience in tuberculin testing has not been extensive, or limited to herds where the percentage of reactors was low and therefore, have not had an opportunity to have the limitations of tuberculin forced upon them as strongly as those whose experience is extensive, and especially those who are dealing with herds where the percentage of reactors was large. The lungs showed no signs of disease. Tracheal tugging was found in most varied conditions of heart and arteries. Genital papiDa practically as long as the lateral margin of the lateral branches on each side. The part removed appeared as an entire tonsil, simply enlarged l)y hypertrophy, with slight surrounding covering of cellular tissue in a perfectly natural state. In another group of cases the virus was apparently absorbed by the lungs and under these circumstances primary pneumonia was commonly found, the lungs containing plague bacilli along with diplococci and streptococci.

One of these cases was considered under the discussion of the serum method.


There is always a certain amount of anxiety on the part of persons interested in humane measures lest there should be unnecessary suffering. They are rare, but tend Exostoses of the first and second class are usually very tender to the touch of the probe, while the surface of those of the third class is not very soft and yielding, but almost insensitive. He had- been a constant user of alcohol, frequently indulging to excess. An operation must now be performed that will diminish the cystocele. The stone was CAIIOT, ANATOMY AND SUliGKKY OF URETER. If this occurs in a hypermetropic or very astigmatic eye, with its shallow interior chamber, the almost inevitable result is a more or less complete obstruction of the channels of filtration, ending in acute glaucoma. By the term basilar meningitis I have intended to designate those conditions which autopsies have again and again demonstrated to be due to a gummatous infiltration of the membranes at the Page Version 1.05