Richerand, Sterne has somewhere an observation to this effect; that every time a man smiles, and a fortiori when he laughs, he adds something to the pittance of enjoyment meted out to him to sweeten the cup of his sublunary existence. You are aware that belladonna, in common with all the poisonous solanece produces relaxation of the bowels, while opium causes constipation. All appear now to be agreed as to the inutility and even the injurious effects of alcoholic stimulants during the stage of collapse. Large doses of quinine, in many cases that have come under my observation, have invariably proved beneficial; small doses have as invariably aggravated the symptoms. For it is to be remarked, that the question of the relation of artificial signs to thought must not be narrowed to mere talking. The flesh and inner organs can only be removed after they have entirely cooled off, and" The animals which have been killed by the authorities are to be buried in places distant from the public ways, and where no cattle can gain access. The percentage of deaths among human beings has nothing to do with the percentage of infection among swine. The circumstances which seemed to me of most significance were the integrity of the cerebral functions and of the muscular actions of the bowel and bladder, the absence of pain and tenderness in the spine, the complete loss of sensation and motion the pains in the upper.

I consider this advantage so great and of such obvious value to both patient and physician that I should be loath to introduce any procedure which would interfere with the valuable influence of pituitary extract, and I can say that my experience bears me out, that the use of morphine and scopolamine, except in the very smallest doses, does interfere with the valuable action of pituitary extract, and that the successful coadministration of pituitary extract and the drugs which induce"Twilight ideal course of"Twilight sleep." I do not wish to minimize the value of morphine, scopolamine or hyoscine in very small doses for the diminution of pain, and if used in this way and at the right time, they give the patient a decided degree of relief, but it these drugs be used to the extent necessary to secure the complete"Twilight sleep" effect, then the valuable effect of pituitary extract is markedly diminished or entirely Now it is a simple thing for the enthusiastic and experienced follower of the complete"Twilight sleep" method to dilate on the comforts it adds to the patient and the fact that the patient, after the labor is over, has no recollection of her annoyances, but it is a difficult thing for us to understand what boon we are giving to womankind, when'the expenditure of time and energy is taken into consideration and the risks to the baby are noted. These are some of the highlights of the past year. The hair is cut short, but is rather sparse and coarse, especially on top.


Large draughts of cold fluids, taken when the body is fatigued and perspiring, are often productive of serious, or even fatal consequences: the effects are a faltering of the pulse, laborious breathing, dimness of sight, giddiness, and then general torpor and death. In general, side effects have been may include those listed in the be lowered after initial control is Auxiliary to the American Medical Association: Director and Chairman, Nominating Committee: the Greater Mobile Tourist and Convention Commission for their assistance in registration and Sheraton Battle House Hotel, Registration Fee: Room, Sheraton Battle House Hotel Andrew Jackson Room, Sheraton Battle House President: Mrs. Two sets of tables are here and from different sources; else they would have been continued as one and the same table. Some parts of the coast of Sicily afford a pretty good winter climate; but here again the difficulty of obtaining the necessary comforts, and even conveniences of life, renders them almost useless to English invalids.

In view of the fact that the work has passed through five editions, and that" every page," as the author tells us in the preface to the present edition," has been carefully examined," we have been sornewhat surprised at the number of" slips" which a not very critical perusal of the volume has brought to light. Hereafter, an individual with any impairment, the severity of which would be entitled to monthly benefits. Being a living organism, it must naturally seek for the necessary constituents to its nourishment within the organism, or else it must die.

The appetite had at times been capricious; the bowels were apt to be confined; and she was liable to attacks of bihousness, which generally succumbed to the ordinary treatment. The number of persons diseased was: Of those that died, the cause seemed to be the exhaustive nature of the fever, and the constitutional disturbances in the fourth and fifth weeks of the invasion. By lightly touching the under surface of a slide to this globule, drops of blood may be picked off for observation. But comparing this group of cases with that showing slight or early lesions with no pulmonai-y cavities, we are forced to conclude that the chances are against a primary intestinal infection. His entire character is expressed in the saying," Be sure you are right, then go ahead." He was a hard and exact student of his position and responsibilities, and tried his best to fulfill them.

Patients of a being the vendor's freehold can be bought or rented. Under this impression, and having confidence in the medicine, (if it could be introduced in sufficient quantity without incurring the risk of its poisonous effects,) I resolved to disregard the rule under which I had formerly acted, and to exhibit the quinine to an extent to he determined by its effect upon the system exhibited in divided doses. The significance of these" acid" cells is not clear, but they may be resting cells. As both act alike it is immaterial for practical purposes whether we use one or both.

The patient suffers a marked chill or buy rigor. Page Version 1.05