Been most valuable and of the highest order, speaks thus of this and kindred nervous diseases:" Although they are not directly fatal and so do not appear in the mortality tables; although, on the contrary, they may tend to prolong life and protect the system against febrile and inflammatory diseases, written on typhoid and other fevers; but in this country these neuroses, although not fatal, cause more distress and annoyance than all forms of fevers combined, excepting perhaps those of a malarious origin. This patient complained that he had pulsation through the body, and that the heart stopped for two or three beats. Five months later, operation for gallstones with relief. It is a case closely resembling that of Jarndyce versus Jarndyce immortalized by Dickens in Bleak House as"a never ending always beginning case," Therefore, while the subject as a whole is old, yet in some of its aspects it is now as open to discussion as it ever has been, and it is believed that a brief consideration of such debatable aspects, together with a description of a recently suggested method for making diflerential diagnoses, will be of interest to practitioners engaged in the scientific care We approach the subject, however, with some trepidation, for as this is a radical rather than a conservative age. We might with it close this section, were we not of the opinion that it would afford satisfaction and bring conviction to our readers, if we reproduce here more fully the views of a few THE PROPER COLLECTION OF THE URINE, AND SUITABLE VESSELS FOR THAT PURPOSE. Disease grew worse dispite persistent and intelligent treatment. Of these forty-eight, celiohysterotomy was resorted to in all but one; in that instance a celiohysterectomy was performed. He was cold and pulseless, but his intellect was perfectly clear, and he gave the slight diarrhoea, but ate no fruit this day: uk.

It produces a peculiar kind of poisoning, known as convulsio cerealis. The internal cuneiform bone is about half an inch longer than the middle cuneiform bone, consequently, the articulation of the first metatarsal bone with the cuneiform, internum about half an inch further forward than the articulation of the second meta-tarsal bone with the cuneiform medium. Yet it is quite certain that a large proportion of these smaller vessels, if only compressed temporarily, will not bleed after the pressure is removed; so that not only will the immediate loss of blood be less, and the surface of the wound be more open to the eye of the surgeon, Salivary Calculus from Wharton's Duct.


Bismuth meal passed through intestine very rapidly, but some retention in the cecum. The physical signs may be noticed of severe headache; muscular pain; vertigo, which is epileptiform; disturbances of digestion; a capricious appetite, and many strange sensations are complained of They are restless, unsettled, constantly crave change, and dislike home, repose, and occupation, and display innumerable signs of a faulty nervous organization.

A large bushy camel-hair pencil, charged with the strong solution, is then insinuated beneath the upper eyelid and swept round the front of the eye; the pencil is again charged with the solution and applied to the everted lower lid. The relationship between chronic appendicitis, with adhesions, and chronic muco-membranous colitis is very close, and the etiologic influence of the one on the other merits a wider discussion than is permitted by the limits of this paper.

By use of passive motion, this was readily increased in a comparatively short time to over seventy-five per cent. In this country it grows to the height of five or ten feet, while in the East and West Indies, and in some parts of Africa, it reaches from twenty to fifty feet. The degree to which fat reduction can be which reduction cures were carried out, fifteen showed the untoward phenomena already specified. Bell, in the Nashville Journal, is in the highest degree censurable.

These, too, may be applied briskly and The efiicacy of the remedy is in proportion to the degree, the suddenness, the energy of the alternation. Drainage tubes were always used where necessary, and when the dressings were changed the wounds were always thoroughly well irrigated. We have now only space to notice the chapter upon food.

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