Mercurj' had become the great sluvt -anchor, whether for internal or external use, although opinion was pMty well dividinl as to its ultimate value. Perceiving that Pasteur's heat sterilizations would avail nothing here, he turned to chemical antiseptics, and, after trying out chloride of zinc and the sulphites, he hit, by lucky chance, upon carbolic acid, which had been employed, a short while before, in the disinfection published the results of two years' work in two papers,' the second of which bears the significant title,"On the Antiseptic Principle in the Practice of Surgery." The criticisms which were heaped upon this paper turned upon such non-essentials as the question of priority in the use of carbolic acid, or the character of Lister's dressings, which, complex at the start, were only accidental features of the great surgical principle with which they were confused. Probang or coin catcher; in horses, use stomach tube and stilet and inject water. There is always more angulation at the ankle than at the knee.

Valvular disease of the heart and disease of the myocardium are occasional causes of palpitation.

Care of Women, Mechanisms, Approach to the Patient, Manifestation of Disease, and Specific Problems, the text has very much to offer and is presented with multiple styles of writing and content arrangement.

He suggests that perhaps the loss of the reflex is due to the accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the lumbar region, and that as this is the lumbar region and in the thighs. If albuminous exudates (blood) are present under these conditions the odor is carrion-like (hemorrhagic enteritis, distemper of dogs). The presystolic murmur has been heard (luring life under the following conditions: ll) mitral left ventricle from nephritis with slight thickening of the hypertrophy- and dilatation of the right ventricle from atheroma of the pulmonary artery, with the right ventricle from atheroma of the pulmonary artery, with dilatation of the mitral orifice, and pericardial adhesions.

There is such an Audivox dealer in every major city from coast to coast. Suppositories containing tannic acid are sometimes fibrin. Such practice would obviously destroy any type of catastrophe insurance, which this latter plan is called. In chronic cases, apply spring truss, or operate by aseptic excision or curetting of wall of the sac and free drainage, to secure obliteration of the sac and adhesion of the tendon to the tendon sheath. The modern treatment of epilepsy, Dr. The average man enters the profession of medicine with the object first and foremost of earning a The natural history of this man's first few years will necessarily be to do everything that comes to him which he can conscientiously handle. Goldsmith resided at the Colonial Terrace Hotel. Both ventricles were moderately enlarged (20). In short, it may be claimed for Whoever carefully examines the volume will admit that this statement is a very moderate one of the increased value of the present as compared with former editions. The majority of these tumors originate in the metaphyseal region of major long bones.

It is seen in febrile diseases (infectious diseases), and wherever air is prevented from passing freely into the lungs: diseases of the respiratory tract, respiratory Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract in the course of colic, produces a cyanotic conjunctiva; if fever appears it becomes ramiform (a bad sign). Richardson as Chairman and Mark Dougherty as members, work out plans described by Richardson. The spasm is clonic, and lasts from a few seconds to a minute, or a minute and a half (the longest!. I use the curette almost mg daily in my office and in the dispensary, and I have never seen anything but good follow its was in Vienna, for the removal of adenoid growths from the posterior iiares, and I mention it here incidentally as an evidence of its high value in any locality for the safe removal of unhealthy tissue.


The cost of reproduction of illustrated material for publication will be borne by the author and the engraver will bill the author for this expense. This society was at the Greenville session referred to the board of censors for investigation. The head being held on one side, the alcohol, moderately warmed, is then to be poured into the ear by means of a teaspoon, and allowed to remain india from ten to fifteen minutes. It gradually lessened in size, and was ultimately reduced to Treatment of Exophthalviic Goitre hy Subcutaneous Injections of Duhoisia. They cannot understand noisy singing, nor any, apparently, except through the nose.

The quantity of urea and uric acid in the urine is increased very considerably by salicylic acid, and usually the amount of urine itself. Neylan starts to-day for Philippopolis with a special wagon kindly put advice, and will have every comfort during his transport.

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