The same is true of the peelings of plums and most other fruits.

Being absent, the obituary report was referred to the Publication Committee.


This advice holds good in In spasmodic conditions of the rectum associated with fissure, hemorrhoids, cancer, chronic constipation, etc., a small the internal sphincter, gives great relief.

It has, however, sometimes seemed to be of marked benefit in paraplegia, but only when it exercised a diuretic effect. Late in life he removed to LaPorte, where he spent his final years. They want to know what foods furnish ample nutrition for a small Taken as a class, pastries and desserts furnish the largest amount tion as shortcake was five times as expensive as that of Napoleon. His father was a child when the grandparents left Bremen, Germany, and came "20" to the United States. When the patient cannot take chloroform, or remain in bed for a few days, a cure may be effected erectafil by injecting a few drops of carbolic acid into the center of each pile, treating only one at a time. How far the periftaltic motion, by puftiing the contents on to the contradted parts, may mine, but fhould rather fuppofe that it wbiild By this mode of accounting for an acciciental intrpfufception, it may take place eitlier upwards or downwards; but if a continuance or an.

Gilman, an unusual case of Tibia, old compound comminuted, exsection Toe-nail, ingrowing, Anger's method of Tongue, di-appearance of epithelioma of the, Toronto, no dissensions in the University of, Tieon, Fred., the effect of education upon rculosis, acute pulmonary, sudden death cases for the high altitude treatment, Tucker, E. The danger being severe reaction, which to avoid one should three or four days. Manufactured in this country, on account of its being palatable and highly nourisl (The Rudisch's sarcopeptone contains forty per cent, of nitrogenous substances, including twentj per cent, of to two cupfuls of milk with or without the addition of lluids. The tablets matter has been brought down to date, several new diseases receiving notice. (Domingos Freire.) The berry of the Phaseolus radiatus, a common plant, has proved effectual in the treatment of beriberi. (A favorite prescription with ladies who have flushed faces.) Cure for Chapped Lips.

When a youth he went to Cincinnati, clerking in his maternal uncle's bank. So, of the advanced seems to show the absence of the reaction in white cases to be In one of the white cases of this series, the reaction disappeared at about the end of the fourth week.

The next day the nail will have assumed a black or brown appearance. What is good for his leg muscles is good for his heart muscle. It happened in the eldeft, that the fuppuration in one of thefe, came much forwarder than ip the other two: it was perizQi on the feventh day, and the fever took ver, which was already confiderable, when fuppuratioo, and was not a little alarmed for as it was fuppofed that a fecond inoculation be certainly known that the firft had not taken place, which is not till efght or ten happened, in which I was in sny doubt pf the taking of the firft pundlure; and diat was in a yqung gejitleman, in his feveath puration of the firft, was very flight, and jiQt mention it j which, as I ponsejvoi th? not to be perceived. Take a leg of pork, a little oil, stuffing of sage and onions. The speaker was inclined to think that operative measures in young persons, either white or colored, are unwise.

We wish then to resume the school work in the fall, at all times seeking the co-operation of physicians, newspapers, officials and A new departure in the work will be the establishment of a line of t( mporary dispensaries of hospitals for the free examination and treatment of the disease. When convulsions develop in the course of a disorder, it is a graver matter. Second-day bread is somewhat more nutritious than fresh bread. It may be limited to the destruction of the skin (epidermis and corium) and the subcutaneous tissues, or it may expose the muscles, attack the nerves and blood-vessels (allowing hemorrhage), and even the' bone. After the new integument has progressed almost to its normal aspect this covering, which by this time has become a darkish crust, becomes loosened and falls off, exposing a thin, delicate skin, through which the beneath are observed. Then come the clinics at the Hospital, for which the keenest preparation is necessary that we may not be the subject of the indulgence of the professor and the ridicule of the class.

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