All that we ask of the manufacturers is that a sample of the production, together with a description and illustration (if necessary) should reach us by November. Another pleasing feature in this new venture is its evident literary ability, which by good rights ought not to provoke comment; it should be expected as a matter of course.

The author considers that there are two types of plague: (i) Plague complications, bubonic and pneumonic manifestations, while in the latter these are rare, though becoming septicaemic before death. Francis and Jersey City hospitals. The list of general subjects opened with two brief these, on the" Origin of Some Diseases," also appears in The News.

One of the most interesting statements in the interview was Acar's answer to this question. A large irregular weekly weight gain is not so desirable as a small regular one, say half a pound to one pound a week; therefore, generally speaking the amount of food given to each patient is in proportion to The opinion that forced feeding causes a dilated stomach, can only be applied to that treatment where the importance of exercise is not appreciated. The ointment is then spread on, covered with sterile rubber tissue, sterile lint is placed over and secured by a gauze bandage, Favel" recommends a solution of Common Salt and Carbonate of Soda as a fluid for the irrigation of wounds, and says it remains sterile Luigi de GaetanoS uses the following method for the treatment of wounds, and has had very good results with it.

.But in any event, he should at the outset endeavor to ascertain not only the physical but the legal character of the operation which has been performed. They consider, however, that the method should be used as an adjuvant to other by themselves, which comprised wire-gauze protection and oiling of sources of larvae. By Ralph Winnington Medical Practice: Text-book of. The synonyms and name of each disease are given in French and German, the description, history, etiology, pathology, symptomatology, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment, with side headings in black type, making A celebrated book by the highest authority on this most difficult subject.


The great essential is purity of atmosphere; but as it is desirable that the patient should spend the most of his hours in the sun. But if the foetus be dead within the mother, an operation to remove it is not unlawful. The patient had noticed that slight stomachic disturbances, manifest chiefly through eructation of gas, preceded by a few days each new outbreak. BYELAWS Application to old or existing Buildings). If absorption be a process which, to the unassisted human judgment, must necessarily seeuL part of a most roundabout method of freeing the system from a destructive assailant whose intrusion it courts and assists, inasmuch as a harmless outlet, the chancre itself stands always ready for throwing off safely all the virus that is secreted, it can scarcely be said that elimination improves upon the design. He thinks that most operations are undertaken too late, and that in carcinomata with a malignant tendency operation is The Societe de Biologic has devoted part of its last two sittings to the discussion of the different means recommended for the relief of sea-sickness. The age of the perforation may be roughly gauged from its objective appearances; thus, in comparatively recent perforations the edges have a pinkish, somewhat vascular appearance, whereas in chronic cases they are thickened, indurated, and non-vascular, from the heaping up of epithelium. Tadalis - if the skin of the nose be the sebaceous and sweat glands.

Preston Kyes has shown, for example, the importance of lecithin in the red blood-corpuscles in the hemolysis due to cobra-venom.

On the second occasion there was not so large a number invited; the invitations were confined more to Toronto men, and this was by decision of the first gentlemen when they were present, after consulting on the matter; it was decided then the invitations should be confined as far as practicable to local men.

The period elapsing between the moment the blood is drawn and the moment at which a clot has formed that is firm enough to permit the tube to be inverted, is regarded as the"coagulation time" (Howell).

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