Such a course is not only universally safe, but is also natural. From this time until the separation of tlie gangrenous parts.

Geiffith referred to a case in which a fibroid had been mistaken for the placenta; post partum luemorrhage had induced the practitioner to use some force, which might have inverted the uterus. Probably, the greater number of over-worked children do not become hospital out-patients. He announced finally that his search had proved unsuccessful, and his work stands as the best that has ever been done in the study of the bacteriology of the disease.

My reason for thus"speakin' out" is, that I do not get results from the dosage recommended.

There is at present no known means for measuring the amount of electricity consumed by individual customers of the suppliers, and consequently a charge has to be made for every lamp fitted in a house. It would be an odd course to take to exclude logic, especially when so many of the foreign schools insisted upon it as an essential.

The patients suffer much less from hunger, and, especially, the distressing hunger ordinarily present in the early convalescent period, while not entirely abolished, is greatly diminished, and the temptation to indulge surreptitiously in forbidden food is much lessened.

Members of fraternal organizations in the United States have for consumptives, maintained by per capita contributions of members of the big fraternal and religious orders. No one should attempt to employ radiotherapy who has not first carefully studied the subject and followed the work of some expert.


Aronson combined a practical demonstration of the centrality of research and intellectual achievement in the science of medicine with a reverence for patient care and respect for the individual. He is on a par with a certain illiterate chap (he could not read), who, seeing an artist sketchng, undertook to advise him how to paint We should be under obligations to our friends of mortar and pestle were they to take the following propositions and find a L Drugs are substances that affect one or more of the functions of the body, influencing them toward normal action. Next to the papaya, I find the pineapple the best digestant in clinical practice.

The daily business of the life of John Netten KadclifFe was epidemiology, and when that life closed prematurely a few weeks ago, there was not in Christendom any investigator of disease to whom the title of" epitlemiologist" was more justly due than it was to our late esteemed and lamented fellow-work' Tnaugnral Address delivered before the Kpidemiological Societ man, an enquirer as honest as he was able, upon whose brief and by no means painless mundane existence the divine light of truth was bountifully shed. It is worth while to note that the very early stages of the development of this disease considering intelligently the recent history of the case in question. You will recall that he answered,"I do not know who won it; but if it had been lost I know who would have gotten the blame." I should like to say a word concerning Dr. The best programs cut recidivism drug involvement.

The man who possessed tliis diploma would possess a france very valuable qualification, the best that he could possibly have, and for his part he should certainly now support the scheme.

In the spring of of the muscles of the hand and arm. "The present complaint is, that she suffers from undue sleepiness.

The"Medical Clinics of Chicago" form a good specimen of this class of medical literature.

He knew of undoubted cases of infection from en chronic cases. Meetings will be held twice a year, in the different cities in rotation, at which there will be demonstrations and discussions, but few formal papers. They died, as I have already said, in spite of the operation, and not in consequence of it. Julius Donarth, of Budapest, Hungary, for his paper on"The presence of cholin in epilepsy and its significance in the production of the convulsive attack." and it must be studied in comparison with the pyogenic staphylococci. The experience and learning of that erudite period are now being made available for modern uses.

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