The rabbits recover from this blood crisis and continue apparently healthy with the exception that they are very much Under weight. Pain in the back and limbs may be present. Noble Smith, felt jackets are spoken slightingly of, and their porosity in particular is declared to be"a myth." However true tliis maj- be of the material originally used for these jackets, it is, I believe, a mistake in regard to the perforated felt, in which the pores are good sized holes perfectly visible jackets leave, I venture to think, little to be desired. Rice this society, of which he was a long-time member, loses one who was always gentlemanly and courteous toward his fellow practitioners, patient and sympathetic toward the sick and the community, in all his varied official positions, loses an honest and most worthy patriot. In the second period, after the fall of temperature, albuminoid foods may be resumed, since there is a sensible diminution of urea in children who do not receive albumin. The aduiiuistralor, not the amesthetic, was at fault in tins unfortunate case. Still more extensive operations have been has twice (once with success) excised a tumor of the stomach with the corresponding portion of the transverse colon which was implicated in the malignant growth; and a similar operation has been successfully performed by Childe" (for unavoidable destruction of the blood supply, not for carcinomatous invasion), who also excised For the restoration of the gastrointestinal canal after gastrectomy I much prefer the usual posterior retrocolic gastroenterostomy to either of Billroth's methods, or to Kocher's operation of lateral implantation of the duodemun into the posterior gastric wall. The practical diificulties are great, and the circumstances of most benefit societies are not as flourishing as outside persons think. When the arms are at rest, there is no tremor; but, on asking her to shake hands, or put a cup to her lips, rhythmical tremors ensue. PROGRESS IN INTERNAL MEDICINE: DISEASES OF THE HEART. Excessively painful urination prevented sleep without the aid of for by any condition at the site of operation; may have been the starting point of a more Adding to these cases four of partial percentage of deaths can be reduced in later may'be overlooked even when the bladder is open to view, if it have a.small orifice which becomes sbut when "tadalafildapoxetine" the bladder is flaccid. He will tell you of other needs. It is unsatisfactorv inasmuch as statistics very often fail to furnish the reader with uncontrovertible evidence that all the cases treated were expressions as" improved," kc, are of but small value as scientificevidence. Profuse uncontrollable diarrhcBa is iodide of potassium, with or without cod-liver oil, and inflammatory symptoms develop, they must be treated according to principles already given (see Acute parenchy. If only the onward march of the lung disease can be stayed and arrested, complete restoration to health and cai)acity for work is still to be looked for with confidence. PROFESSOR OF MEDICINE AND THERAPEUTICS IN THE NEW YORK POST-GRADUATE MEDICAL SCHOOL AND hospital; VISITING PHYSICIAN TO ST. X-ray examination of the of the sella turcica. Interpretation: Tracheal stenosis from thjnnie pressure. A definite weight of sugar reduces, in the one case, a proportional amount of cupric oxide, and in the other an equivalent proportion of picric acid, with resulting picramic acid, and a corresponding measurable intensity of colour.


Pelagic, or some other prison not under the protection of the public Let it not be inferred from the doctor's business methods that his manner toward his patients was voluntarily harsh or hateful in antic frolicsomeness with paternal good nature. Its development with pulmonU? ment Of the affected side; tympanitic resonance; respiraiwy murmur feeble, amphoric, or absent; widening and bulging soon followed by those which indicate the presence ot flui" ificiency of proper food (?); intemperance (?); the acute ira rheumatica. He had general tremors of the limbs. Treatment of DYSMENORRHEA, AMENORRHEA, METRORRHAGIA, MENORRHAGIA, THREATENED ABORTION, etc., that to write a prescription of four, ten or As an assurance of dependable results, however, it is suggested that the article, as delivered to the sick room, be examined by the attending physician to determine that it is the To any doctor not familiar with the results following the administration of the original SUGGESTION: Always mix Hayden's Viburnum Compound in boiling water, and NEW YORK PHARMACEUTICAL CO., Bedford Springs, BEDFORD, MASS. In any event, it should be a useful manual of reference for muses.

THE ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE FOES OP BESEABCH. The electrical reactions, however, are nornuil, and there is no myasthenic nor myotonic reaction. They find that as a rule there is a marked increase in the size in duration of this wave but this is not constant, seeming to disappear with increase of the disease.

Ergot, or ergotiu liypodermically, may be uaeii parte.

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