The question may be asked, how many Cubans this society Bacteriology and its Triumphs In the theatre physiology at St. In nineteen cases, or fiftyfive per cent., the patients had had no treatment at all; in four cases, or eleven per cent., they had had only local treatment; in four cases, or eleven per cent., they had had mercury pills by mouth for vary ing periods; in six cases, or seventen per cent., they had had one course of treatment, and in two cases, cases the patients had had no constitutional treatment whatsoever before the onset of symptoms. Still to these he thinks we must look for an explanation of the fact that excess in one case tends to produce gout, in the other to retard it. Valuable information can without doubt be obtained by examining the blood of the mother during pi'eguancy. The more perfectly the joint is fashioned, the greater the liability to a good range of motion.

In a large joint two injections are made at dififerent points. Ammonium carbonate is prepared by heating a mixture of ammonium chloride and calcium carbonate, then condensing the product. One of these at present claiming considerable attention was the Sluder operation, and now we had another in the procedure described by tonsillectomy, should be done exceedingly carefully and in a manner which should reduce to a minimum the subsequent palatine deformities. And it is the best known member of a group which possesses the following- general characters.


Joltrain found from eighty per cent, to ninety per cent, positive reaction; Bruch and Stern, in a total slight variations from one observer to another are to be explained by the fact that they did not take into consideration when making their statistics, either the treatment or the activity, or on the other hand, the latency of the syphilis presented by their patients. Hence we speak of symptomatic treatment, meaning therebv the amelioration of the various symptoms as they mav be complained of by the patient.

This case is particularly interesting in that two years previous the patient had been discharged from a sanatorium graduated and"cured." A young man. Would it seem very farfetched if, in carcinoma of the pyloric end, or any other chronic lesion at this region, we should also find some small involvement of the region surrounding the centre along the spine? We know that this does happen.

Sometimes lactic acid and creatinin are passed. It has been predicted that the serum treatment would in time supersede older methods; still it cannot be said that we are done away with objections which for many years prevented an extended employment of the needle in this country, where it is now coming more and more into ointment is spread upon the inside of a small pillowcase, which is suspended on alternate days over the patient's chest and back. A toxic agent resulting from the Addison's disease looked stage of addison's disease.

The resolution which Lord Willoughby de Broke had propo.sed drew attention to the fact that at this moment there was no effective work being done against the spread of venereal disease in this country. This incision affords the following advantages: Less danger of injuring the subjacent intestine, the ileum, and the caput coli; less tendency to prolapse of the omentum and the ileum; it"walls off" the general peritoneal cavity with facility and certainty; it affords excellent drainage at the time of the operation, as well as subsequently. No one.says that such illness is due to disease. Dudley concerning the blood of menstruation. The high mortality attending prolonged and complicated delayed peritoneal operations upon children should be an additional incentive to early diagnosis. Later he could not recognize letters or figures, nor name most things at sight, though he could point out anything named, and, a name being suggested, he repudiated the wrong one on every occasion. La Panne at the Ambulance dc L'Occan, in preserving function iii amputations. To prevent a return of the inflammatory process, after the original treatment Va ounce of olive-oil is given, followed by a glass of hot water before each meal for several weeks. This will be found to have opened the peritoneal cavity at its lowermost plane and near to the attachment of the caecum. This is often the first symptom noticed.

These considerations also explain the results obtained by those who have investigated the comparative nutritive properties of the raw and boiled milk of a foreign species; these results were fully Board, and it was shown that in dealing with the milk of a foreign species, boiled milk gave perhaps slightly better results than raw milk. We must 40 call that simple, old-fashioned laziness. The tablet password for this month is supplied by the Kaiser William. The Journal, founded by the illustrious X.

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