The results obtained are especially valuable, showing that the Bacillus icteroidcs (Sanarelli) bears no causative relation to yellow fever, and that the mosquito serves as an intermediate host for the parasite of this disease.

Cholera developed at all three places. Each individual procedure has, in certain cases, been of undoubted benefit, and the lack of enthusiasm with which they have been viewed has been due to the fact that it has been impossible to declare positively that the rigidity was the result of a limited lesion, such as contraction of the tensor tympani, tension of the posterior fold or similar.localized conditions, and experience has shown that the same pathological process which has caused any of these conditions, in the large majority of cases, has effected changes in other parts of the conducting apparatus as well, which would be uninfluenced by operations affecting one portion only of this mechanism. How it is done is very much of a mystery, but there is plenty of evidence that this is the sort of existence to which many a medical man in Ireland is doomed. He found a clot in the middle of the right Fallopian tube; he removed the tube, but found that the bremorrhage continued. The treatment under which the remarkable recoveries took place were mint water, syrup of ginger, and such like remedies ivith strict attention to diet and hygienic management. I have endeavored to demonstrate that very many acute affections may be safely limited to medical treatment, without any surgical aid; though I do not ignore the fact, that in the hands of the skilled and experienced operator, many of those grave cases are the safest; and that there are not a few in which the surgeon's aid is imperatively demanded. The treatment of these cases involves the removal of the deformity or the cauterization of the bleeding surface. I From her Scotland received the inspiration and instruction that lifted her insane out of pestilential, dark dungeons and placed them in the homes of light, cleanliness and comfort, and to-day no country excels her in the humane and successful treatment of the sick in mind. After this is done a large flat sponge is placed over the intestines, under the wound, in order to catch the blood that issues from the suture tracks.

This was the first essential mg to successful inquiry.

The lower lip is almost invariably large, thick, everted and projecting, and is one of the characteristic features. Henry James Norslsjj is appointed (Quartermaster to the Woolwich Division of the Voluuteer Medical Staff Corps. A FORECAST OF THE REPORT OF THE The Knglish members of the Leprosj' Commission have now last year about the end of October, and after a stay of about eleven months in India have completed their research into the causation and spread of leprosy, and their draft report has been produced as a preliminary measure to the Committee for which they act, under the presidency of the Prince of Wales.


This, of course, was a case of insanity, but it is common enough to see people who see vermin, or merely hear about them, at once begin to itch so realistically that they have to find relief in scratching. It is in the reciprocal relations of the medical profession to the individual that is to be found a field for the highest cultivation of the noblest instincts of our nature. Tiirck had noticed four cases of this peculiar inflammation of the vocal bands in singers, and he gives this description of the appearance of the larynx:"Midway in the upper plane of the bands there is a peculiar uneven surface, and, in addition to redness and swelling, some white opaque spots as large as poppy-seeds." These white spots, he says, become more noticeable as the general congestion subsides. The whole amount to be paid, exclusive of the ordinary witness's fees, will be between especially connected with the preparation of the case may At the meeting of the German Association of Scientific and Medical Men, which was held at Eisenach in September of last year. Papain Finkler is a fine dry powder of a faint yellowish tint. Commencing near each elbow over the internal, humoral condyle a markedly anaesthetic zone extended along the ulnar border of the forearm embracing exactly the distribution of the internal cutaneous nerve and in the hand the cutaneous distribution of the ulnar.

As the wound heals and a new membrane is formed, we will find that the haemorrhage will disappear. But it is especially in the treatment of eschars of every kind, and particularly in gangi'enes from decubitus (nervous decubitus, gangrene supervening in the course of 20 typhoid fever, etc.), which so obstinately resist treatment and are of such grave prognosis, that the most vast and deep-seated eschars are detached; the sphacelus becomes limited, and a red granulating wound of good, aspect follows, which cicatrises with great rapidity. The retinae may show venous congestion, the arteries may be small, or they may appear pale (Massalongo's case), or a occasionally tliere has been decided deafness (Flemming's, Berkley's, and Osborne's cases). The rash is different in the two diseases. ; Detroit, Mich., of the Boston Elevated Railway Company shall be examined and vaccinated, if necessary. A bath that acts favourably should produce a warm, healthy glow upon the skin after rubbing. No trace of any fracture of the base of the skull could be found, nor was there any spicule of bone touching the artery. The pain!)cgan gradually, and Increased to such severity that he would spend hours of the night walking about, sleep being impossible.

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