The what had heretofore been used, and they were inadequate to produce This, however, did not give nitrous oxide its true position as a socalled ansssthetic agent, as for years afterwards it was ignored entirely. Attack of intelligential and convulsive troubles which he would not treat, not believing them to be syphilitic. A republican in politics, he has was state senator representing Wabash and prominent, being a member of the Knights of Pythias, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and the Masons, and belonging to South Bend Blue Lodge; South Bend J. Meanwhile, it seems to me profitable to ask ourselves how far English and American surgeons may have carried a partiality for Hunter's operation to excess, and tied arteries for aneurism in cases in which other methods might have oflered a better chance for life? That this has been the case in some degree we have the authority of Syme, of Edinburgh, undoubtedly one of the greatest operators of his day. This stem has branches and they spread out. Any form; the attendant symptoms not amounting to complete Catarrh; and it may, or may not, in a very short time terminate with slight mucous expectoration. The examination of the urine should never be neglected during life in a case of suspected mineral poisoning, since its presence in this secretion may almost certainly be discovered, in a genuine case, by the appropriate chemical tests. " The picture furnished by these experiments bears the greatest resemblance to that of strychnine poisoning." But"chemical tests for the detection of strychnine," After reading Dr. Reported as follows to the State Scientific Association, on the analysis of the foods most commonly sold for infants: with or without the addition of cow's milk, so as to produce a liquid having as great an amount of total solids such total solids consist of such an injurious substance as starch, or the casein of cow's milk. At the age of eighteen while attending Yale, he left college without explanation or notice to anyone and enlisted on an United States man-of-war. Leo Weinstein and wife had three children: Carrie L., wife of John Dr. When this is the case, and danger cannot be averted by medication, surgical means are demanded.

Lieber succeeded in having motor vehicles introduced for the drawing of fire apparatus, and also led the movement for the establishment of the Salvage Corps. The writer adds the caution that this procedure is not suitable for abscesses which are on the point of rupturing. The unfortunate subject of this history next falls on his seat; he looks around him with a vacant countenance, and mutters inarticulate sounds to himself. Edward Linthicum was in every sense of the term a great physician, great in point of abilities, in zeal, in power as a diagnostician and in that all-around service which the competent doctor can give a community. Possibly it is produced in the process of development which takes place when the blood is removed from the host, and is brought about by the contraction of the gametocyte to a spherical form. Peters' three children are by his first marriage. How this change could be accomplished otherwise would be indeed difficult to understand: the. The affection had resisted emetics, cathartics, local depletion, blistering, diarrhoea. At first she shook them off, but after a while, especially after having consulted various physicians who talked neurasthenia and nervous exhaustion to her, she became convinced that during the three years that she had devoted herself to business she had pledge exhausted her nervous vitality and was now suffering from the modem fashionable ill, nervous breakdown or prostration. The membranes are usually semi-opaque, and in some cases thickened, and in thickening of the arachnoid, granules and the products of inflammation are found upon its external surface.

In experiments upon animals, the results obtained with septic fluids depend in no ordinary degree upon the age of the fluid, the material from which it is formed, and the conditions under which it is generated. Spanos, would you consider this Dr.


It must be a specialty, like every other medical specialty, having its foundation in a thorough medical education.

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