He thought that in defects of the upper lip and jaw the hereditary influence was very strong. The medicinal treatment is more or less alike in all cases of hyperacidity Ext. Too many of the latter, who have struggled, and struggled earnestly, to store their minds with all the available means at their disposal, have been doomed to a life of disappointment, penury, and pain; and even those who have succeeded, have waded through difficulties which might have appalled the stoutest heart, and deadened the most ambitious aspiration.


If, by the introduction of this plan of procedure to the notice of the Profession, I succeed in drawing its attention to a simple yet oftentimes powerful remedy for some conditions of joints, I shall be satisfied, rejoicing in the feeling that I have placed in the hands of those able and desirous to dispense it, a blessing to hundreds, in saving their limbs from the operator's knife, and in feeling, also, that I have not been idle in the field of observation vouchsafed to me. Plans and estimates for the entire fittingsfurnishcd.

The Tapeworm and Trichina Spiralis, was also given.

It is certainly true, as the pro-liquor advocates claiui.

Risk, James George, lioyal Navy Roberts, W. The annual population of each district during the period has been carefully determined, twenty-three years by the number of patients sent in that time, we get the proportion of patients to population. Presently this stage ends with sighs, and is followed by a short The next stage is one of dramatic movements, not so commonly seen here as in Europe. It should be part of the duty of medical orpanizations to watch over the public health, and to impress upon the people the necessity of such supervision, and of placing the administration under the exclusive control of competent medical men, whom they should pay for their services in order to secure the proper ability. Let us see what evidence we can bring upon liere we may remark, that by typhoid fever we mean the disease described under that name by Dr. Monday forenoon the patientdeveloped intermittent; this last feature having developed at six o,clock. Other birds of paflage have been drowned by thoufands in the fea, or have fettled on fhips quite exhaufl:ed with fatigue: coupon. Captain White impeaches the British Consul at Callao; and if he do be disposed to trust for their safety in Peru rather to their own wits than to the protection of the representative of the On Eccentric and Centric Force: a New Theory of Projection. Finally, to again quote from Jacobi, who says:" I am pleased to state that Auerbach agrees with me on another subject.

Of this we have an example in the only case of McCrae's series which came to autopsy. Marsden, of Quebec, belongs the sole and exclusive honor of conceiving and describing all the details of such an establishment for cholera. More extensive home visiting by dispensary doctors and nurses has been recommended; it is desirable also that the dispensary work be coordinated more completely with that of the borough public health departments. McDowell, contained in the report of his first three cases to the late John Bell.

Jane Gilhespie, wife of a seaman, who died very suddenly on this day fortni;.;ht, having been little more than an hour ill.

What is it which determines the vei-jdifferent tendencies to coagulation which these and other blood tumoirrs manifest? In one case compression may be kept up for weeks or months, the pulsation during that time being, for the most part, in some degree, controlled, and yet it may fail to cure the disease; or the pulsation may gradually diminish; or it may cease rapidly, at a time when one begins to despau- of cure from the small progress made towards consolidation after a long and troublesome treatment.

Myocarditis is frequently met with, the cardiac muscles presenting parenchymatous and rarely hyaline degeneration. Claudius Galen Wheelhouse was elected a Member of Council in the place of Mr. The "code" increafed abforpiion in the moutli by fome ftimulating fubftances, wliich are called aftringents, as crab-juice, is evident from the inftant dryncfs produced in the mouth by a fmall quantity of them. The chUd was born with animation, suspended, but was restored. After about two weeks' treatment, the camphor and chloral ointment was prescribed with the happiest results, the itching disappearing entirely sometimes for seven or more hours after its application, while in the meantime the patient gained in physical condition, and the thickened state of the parts which had been caused and kept up by scratching subsided, and she was able to be up and around with a great degree of comfort: worx.

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