Amongst these, hiccup is not unfrequent, but it has been observed that this symptom, in cliuiera, is not at all indicative of danger. The attention must, in all such cases, be directed to relieving by cupping from the back of the neck, at the same time that efl!icient doses of aperient medicines are given to act upon the bowels.

The intensity of the inflammation is such that there is considerable risk of gangrene supervening, if the sinapism remain applied for more than an hour. And in the dawn they floated on I thought that morning cloud was blest It moved so sweetly to the west. Within the acini the increase of the fibrous stroma is seen between the radiating capillaries, and the hepatic cells are contracted, granular, pigmented, and comparatively destitute of protoplasm around the still persistent nucleus. Vestitp; frondibus s(Tiatis ncc iion confertissiniis, stipitibus caroiitibiis, j)rofimdis liaud margine involuta proteetis, intcrniptis; parapliysium capitibus turbinatis oleaginis; sporis roniformibiis.

Seule fois, comme au mois de septembre; elle a soin de conserver cette urine dans un flacon qu'eile nous apporte quand elle entre, sept jours plus k plusieurs reprises avec grand soin et prescrivons des ventouses siches, la diete lactie et des grands bains. Catarrhal conditions of the intestinal mucous membrane also favor infection. Treatment: potassium In damp soils where actinomyces are present in the soil and vegetation, it is not uncommon to find the characteristic growths in the liver of cattle and swine.

A run at pasture will usually meet every indication. With tablets an individual, or has been connate with CONOID, Cono'idius, Conoi'des, from xovot, from the coracoid process to the scapula, and forming part of the coraco-elavicnlar ligament' r CONOPHTHALMIA, Staphyloma- corneiE. The loftiest freedom is the result of perfect self-control; passions and impulses unbridled bind with the strongest chains. Cirrhosis of venous origin has been observed mainly in old horses, while hypertrophic cirrhosis from biliary obstruction occurs rather in the young (Cadeac). But it may be observed that chronic affections do not in general excite delirium and febrile symptoms without passing into a certain degree of acuteness. External inflammation is easily detected by disturbance of function and pain upon pressure; but the last sign is often not available. In some severe cases, generally only to be found amongst the most indigent, gangrenous eschars and deep eloughing ulcers, similar to those of eryniptlas infantile, are not uncommon terminations of the pustules of this species. The mothers after twilight labor are in better condition because of the elimination of pain, and less number of difficult forceps operations, less lacerations of the cervix and perineum, better milk secretions, less nerve exhaustion and they recuperate much faster than by former methods. A particular mg kind, so denominated by the ancients.

The change in the urine which takes place when the substance termed oxalic acid is secreted in large quantities renders the fluid irritating, and may lead to spermatorrhoea. In the course of the latter affection there is extreme thirst; the patient drinks freely, and the urine is in proportion: this state is prolonged; the activity of the kidneys increases every day at the expense of that of the other excretory organs; they remove from the body those fluids which require constant renewal, and thus again contribute to augment Such are only a few of the hypotheses which have been framed to explain the nature of diabe tes; but they are sufficiently numerous to show how little is really known respecting it. Foreign bodies are occasionally found in the esophagus (Franke) or in the intestinal canal in which case the mucous membrane of the latter is likewise inflamed. The following table gives at a glance the most convenient form of classification: Firstly, they are divided according to whether they belong to the organic or inorganic substances. And yet, it is rarely the case that pancreatic disorder is successfully diagnosed, and it is too often only at the post mortem examination that the actual Probable causation by parasites, calculi, irritants, microbes. Granular Diseases of the Kidney, in Twcedie's the secretion of an organ may not add to existing disease in that organ, diuretics must be considered equivocal remedies; and, upon the whole.


The symmetrical arrangements of the swellings on both sides of the body and their presence in all places wdiere Ijinph glands are located, further also the involvement of the other bloodforming organs, usually leaves no doubt as to the nature of the disease. Neither does the fibrine of the blood, when perfectly washed and free from fat, undergo the change. Then they attack both persons and animals, including dogs, Avhich come in their way, jumping at their faces or biting their legs from behind, inflicting severe wounds with their teeth and claws. Under the idea that the origin of Dracunculus is derived from ova taken into the stomach, Dr S. Buccal Veih follows the artery (250).

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