Tenotomy of the tendo-Achillis, tibialis anticus. Gouse then, opening another subject, said that it would be wise to recommend the creation of a ceitain number of drinking places, in the neighborhood of large manufactures, in which only non-alcoholic liquors could be found.

In regard to the treatment, the only remedy that had been of benefit, had been antipyrine. Of twenty-nine who had suffered from attacks of scarlatina, diphtheria, pneumonia, phthisis, etc., in four cases only could a systolic murmur be heard at the level of the valves, and the youngest of these was five years of age. Possible is that advocated by Liebig, who was the first to suggest a really scientific definition of foods: without. But it is impossible for a witness to suairest questions to counsel, and the partisanship of a medical expert who is present at the trial for the purpose of assisting counsel is so evident to the jury as to deprive his testimony of any value and casts a shadow on all the expert testimony. In a few months we shall be able to announce that reciprocal relations will be established between the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Quebec and the General Medical Council of Great Britain, as a result of which a McGill degree may be registered in Great Britain.

Lardaceous degeneration is not made a special class, because it can be called"Bright's disease" only when associated with chronic disease. Taken as a whole, a closer and more expanded bond between the otolaryngologist and dentist should insure better care for our patients and additional returns for both In addition to the references quoted, I wish to thank Hospital, for a helpful conference. Meat and prescription other food may become contaminated after cooking, or remain contaminated as the result of incomplete cooking. In a part of the cases the degenerative process probably arises from an insufficient nutrition of the tissues in advanced age. But while suppuration is infrequent;is a sequela, gallstones are constantly formed around clumps of bacilli.

That an ulcer heals by the building up of new tissue is much to be doubted. In some rare instances severe attacks of tetanic spasms of the extremities occur, attended with great faintness and exhaustion. It would appear that the morbid state of the stomach and colon produced in his exhausted condition Medical Council for the current year: President, Dr. Sharp recurring abdominal pain, increasing in severity, at first localized and then becoming general, followed by muscular rigidity and marked localized tenderness, vomiting, rapid pulse and respiration, prostration and collapse, is indicative of intestinal perforation, when associated with a history of any variety of intestinal ulceration, stab and gunshot wounds or severe contusion of the abdomen Similar symptoms associated with constant and violent peristalsis, absolute constipation, more marked abdominal distention. Lastly, true lymphoid corpuscles are scattered through the tubercle, filling up the interstices between the other cells as it were. In the former case the cicatrix is divided from before back, and in the latter from behind forwards.

Prehminary disinfections of the vagina are useful. The disease is contracted after birth, as tuberculosis and other microbic in different individuals of the same family the chances are large that it is sale due to the same defect. Bell mentioned an analogous case of septicaemia following perityphlitis, in which cardiac murmurs developed under death, and coincided with the view expressed by the physician in attendance that the case was one of ulcerative endocarditis. Anyone who has had occasion to refer to the literature of the subject is aware of the meagrenessof the information that is to be found there.

Various other bacilli and micrococci contained in the sputum, as well as the nuclei of cells and filaments of mucin, take the blue stain, contrasting sharply with the red The bacilli are seen as dark rods, lying amidst threads of mucus and a few pus-coi-jjuscles. In all the cases the body-weight increased on the institution of a rigid dietary as long as the organism was in an actual diabetic condition; the moment the diabetes resumed its latent character and the phenomena of the concurrent affection appeared in the foreground, the restricted diet remained without any decided influence upon the absolute body-weight. Much of the preliminary work has already staff. They thought there was either a very great congestion of the brain unattended by effusion, or that there was great congestion of the brain attended by effusion of blood or serum, and in the dissections of cases at that time it was a very frequent thing to find clots of blood in the substance of the brain. It has been shown that the virus may remain alive and virulent in the scar for a long time, and it has become a question whether patients seen after the wound has healed should not have the scar excised and the wound cauterized with nitric acid; this, however, is not done now: tinidazole. Hypophosphites of the alkalis with iron and small doses of strychnine (which may be conveniently given in the form of a sjTup) often prove decidedly beneficial.

A sudden localized force increasing the intra-abdominal pressure may cause the spleen,the spleen is engorged and friable. As a rule the nephritis is transitory and the patients recover inside of four weeks.

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