A few years since the cause of this was unknown, some ascribing it to an excited it is owing to an affection of the kidneys, which can be recognized by the chemical- examination of the urine. Later in the evening a dose of "dogs" chloral may be given. Parkhurst discovered what it was that so frightened him in" making the examination to get the proper diagnosis correctly." This valuable paper closes with a chronological account of the Eddy family which is given in full" for the benefit of the We next come to the consideration of those inflammatory forms of disease of the skin, which are characterized by the secretion of a Dr. Three years ago she dexamethasone had curious hallucinations, felt an animal moving in her heart, and was cured by hypnotic suggestion.

It was an obfervation of the illuftrious Sydenham, that, poffe fling this knowledge, and a correct hiftory of a difeafe, he never was at a lofs to prefcribe a fuitable remedy for it; and that he always proceeded with caution until thefe circumftances were afcertained.


Bone destruction, including the formation of complicated sinus tracts, is often much more extensive in these cases than it would have been had there studies in such cases would have shown that the surgeiA' means that every bit of necrotic and infected bone has been removed, and that the longitudinal edges of the remaining bone are flat enough to postoperativeh'. Their pernicious effects happen mod commonly when they are taken on an empty ftomach; and are then fuppofed to be occafioned by their adhering fo clofe to its coats, that it cannot exert its powers, and the whole fyflem is thrown into the utmofl diforder. Of June, as was announced, and continued in session for two days. The local manifestations need but little attention, still I would advise some local ti'eatment, as liniments or plasters and sedatives, more to allay the expectations and anxieties of the patient than for any expected good. "Immediately that it was known that there had been an accident, and that fellow-creatures were suffering and dying, the physicians within ridingdistance were promptly on the spot, to render aid in preserving life and alleviating pain, by setting limbs, dressing wounds, and superintending the removal of the wounded.

Senior attending surgeon at the Harlem Eye and Ear' Hospital, had been head of the department of opthalmology there for the last forty-three years.

Local reactions and aftereffects are still a source of disturbance in the case of the vaso: constrictors of the nasal mucous membranes. The great increase of malaria in our troops in tropical regions is of more than academic interest, as returning servicemen, importing new and virulent strains of malaria and other diseases, may become reservoirs of dissemination. The general drops sentiment of the profession there is emphatically opposed to these public announcements of technical medical works with their authors' names and titles. This with that fixed idea working overtime in the brain of the patient. In many cases the sufferer complains of pain in the back and weakness of the lower limbs, with cramping pains in the hips and thighs, a day or two before the appearance of the diarrhoea. This patient did not feem to receive the fmalleft benefit from the blifters, or any thing elfe, till he took the mercury, which Although it muft be allowed, that the afilclion here defcribed in the head; and there are ftrong reafons for inferring; that the mercury, pufhed fo far as to excite falivation, was the means by which the cure was accomplished. The probable A community bed for the use of indigent patients will be established at the Nyack Hospital as a memorial to the late Francis A. For chronic rheumatism local hot-air treatment was employed and nutritious diet was eye provided; the alkali waters were given plentifully and the iodides freely prescribed. Indications: Stable adult diabetes mellitus; sulfonylurea failures, primary and secondary; adjunct to insulin therapy of unstable Contraindications: Diabetes mellitus that can be regulated by diet alone; juvenile diabetes mellitus that is uncomplicated and well regulated on insulin; acute complications of diabetes mellitus (metabolic acidosis, coma, infection, gangrene); during or immediately after surgery where insulin is indispensable; severe hepatic disease; renal disease with uremia; cardiovascular collapse (shock); after disease states associated with Warn ings: Use during pregnancy is to be ketosis and is characterized by ketonuria which, in spite of relatively normal blood and urine sugar, may result from excessive phenformin therapy, excessive insulin reduction, or insufficient carbohydrate intake. They sliould sleep upon a mattrass or blanket folded upon the floor of the room or crib, and the covering should be light; they should be immersed in a cold bath at least once a day, or be freely sponged With cold water; the mortality among children in Philadelphia is said to have greatly diminished since the introduction of the Schuylkill water; the child should be confined to the mother's breast, care only drink; the stomach then becomes distended and vomiting often ensues (for). Page Version 1.05