It is a mild narcotic and anodyne and a powerful mydriatic; also an antispasmodic, and in small doses a cardiac, respiratory and spinal stimulant. Certainly one case does not prove anything, but the unfavorable condition of the child before the operation, and the great relief and slight shock from the operation, have led me to report this'method of operating in severe cases of Symptoms of shock, carefully looked for, countenance is anxious, the finger-tips, nose, and ears are cool; pulse and respiration are out of proportion to temperature the right inguinal region is very tender, the up. She was last known to be living at about a quarterpast eight o'clock in the evening, and her body was found, still smouldering with fire, on the floor of the room at about a quarter-past eleven o'clock. Although there is an entire failure of evidence to show that the animal body is liable to spontaneous combustion, there is good reason to believe that this phenomenon may occasionally manifest itself in certain organic and mineral substances, and cause destruction of life and property. Which passes out between the first and second dorsal vertebra- Its anterior division runs for ward to aid in forming the brachial plexus, and furnishes the called because its stimulation results in a fall of temperature, pi., the vaso-constnetorn's, so called because their stimulation leads to contraction of the arterioles and 100 local diminution of temperature, ophthalmic branch of the fifth n. They are profitable fowls and ought to be more common, as they arc very Inrdy, productive layers of fine lai-ge eggs, and their flesh is white and of excellent quality. Its mechanical equivalent is about of Work, the erg; it is equal to the work required to move a body through one centimeter against a force the forces of nature developed or generated by chemism, magnetism, or friction, and probably a mode of ethereal vibration, closely analogous to and convertible into heat and light. They must be eaten young: and a Game pullet four or five months old, caught up wild in this way, and killed one sleep or two days before she is eaten, is, perhaps, the most delicious chicken there is in"The cock's head should be long, but fine; beak long, curved, and strong; comb single, small, upright, and bright red; wattles and face bright red; eyes large and brilliant; neck long, arched and strong; breast well developed; back short, and tail; thighs muscular, but short compared to the shanks; spur low; foot flat, with povverful claws, and his carriage erect. It was contracted, its walls thickened, but, except the floating particles which still continued to be washed away could be looked upon as such, there was no evidence of disorganization. : the passing of two the hemorrhage ceased almost instantly a perceptible diminution for two or three days. It contains several poisonous alkaloids (see Eseeine and for its sedative for influence on the spinal cord, but chiefly at: a miotic rave) sauvage. The rules of treatment, when bone or cartilage is not involved, observed by the author are these: (r) when obstruction is complete a single operation under general partial, and constitutional disturbance is not marked, cocaine anaesthesia and the use of the snare or the electric cautery are indicated.

A case of recent insanity, in wliich active depletion was prescribed in the early period of the disease, lately came under my care. Mediately below the thyroid cartilage: the lingers were bent, and the hands nearly clenched. A splint or dressing for fracture of the clavicle with dislocation. A branch of the posterior tibial nerve which passes down between the two layers of the interosseous ligament of the leg and terminates on the anterior surface of the ligament in mg ligamenti rotundi liepal is.

Edulis affords leaves and twigs which the Arabs use as a substitute for tea and coffee. PHYSIOLOGY AND FACTS IN BREEDING. Cholesterin, and occurring most frequently at the base of the brain, but occasionally in subcutaneous tissue. The Bandages of the arm are: I. I presume that, in the present day, no practitioner fvould trust to the floating of the lungs as a sign of breathing, before he had tscertained that the air contained in them could not be expelled by compreslion. Yet, by an efibrt of consciousness, we can so fix the mind upon the contemplation of that single idea, that it will appear as a reality. The heart and great vessels contained no blood.


Otherwise the of pain in both sides of chest of one month's duration, and of a swelling in the upper part of the right chest, which she had noticed only two or three days previously. The petechiae and ecchymoses on the surface of the body consist of effusions of blood, either in the skin, or in the subcutaneous cellular tissue. An inquest was held, and as usual no inspection of the body was required by the coroner, and the jury were directed to return a verdict of' found drowned.' An inspection was, however, subsequently made.

The tissues around the capillary vessels are first affected; from these centers it spreads till the whole organ or section presents a pale, glistening, waxy, or bacon-like appearance.

It does not absorb oxygen or combine Avitk it below a kindled into flame at so low a temperature as this. Page Version 1.05