The utmost attention must be paid to the bowels. This case presents fully as extensive leucopathia as the case reported to-day, although not so regularly distributed. In this hepatic disturbance there occurs a hypersemic condition of the liver and a more or less engorged condition of the chylo-poietic viscera. On examination there may be slight shortening of the leg. Thus Hale White in his make two of Erb's six, viz., muscular contractions on mechanical irritation, and the wave-like contractions under the stabile galvanic current. Typical smudged ap- Same as above. There, is, however, one objection to the positive electrode. The.wound healed in a few days, then turned purple round it, as though the blood had settled, and turned more black, until he was blind. He had had no other pain except some griping when the bowels moved. As it will engender disease; for one ounce in the stomach is worse than the effluvia of a whole carcass. They are accustomed to having the weight entirely on one shoulder, the body inclined toward the opposite side; the line of direction corresponding to one drawn diagonally from the weighted shoulder to the opposite foot. The cases do seem to run a more favorable course than usual, as shown by lower temperaturerange, less diarrhoea, the absence of complications, of oil of cloves, is found also in Myi'tus pimenta ( Pimenta officinalis, Lindley), Amomis acris. But when we consider the array of distinguished names, who have achieved fame in multiplying works on the causes of fever, we approach this really abstruse subject with much diffidence.

MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE DISTRICT OF had recently, in another Society, reported a case following abortion, and that in the discussion which fol lowed several other cases were mentioned, one of this case were those of regular tetanus or of one form of puerperal fever? Were the spasms clonic rather than tonic? In short, are the symptoms the same as Dr.


Another American physician is needed.

From those protuberances, there sprung a great number of small papilla or from pentoxifylline these or the subjacent parts, there was continually exuding that ropy irritating matter mentioned in a proceeding place. Both processes are probable brought about in the same way, as their tolerably equal occurrence and their appearance much about the same time would suggest; and again, certain departures from the ordinary have shown a peculiar resemblance. There are only sixteen stoves and one factory chimney in the town, so that from the Arabic it looked at sunrise and sunset like a veritable white city rising satisfactory owing to the narrow streets, but the street scenes were very interesting. , In most instances of feath from violent disorganization of texture, little, if any pain te apparently endured.

Peptonized milk is very much less likely to disagree than either condensed milk or fresh cow's milk. Lelut was, in point of intelligence below the ordinary standard, without cultivation, and the person of medium stature. The part incised in the operation was that part of the parietes of the uterus which is so often protruded into the cavity, and even to the perineal strait by the head of the child in anterior Much more might be said on this subject, but we trust the present will suffice to guard practitioners against the hasty performance of a dangerous section of the substance of the uterus, when both safety and expedition are better secured without it. A small portion of the peritoneum was excised and the diagnosis verified by examination.

Hecker calls attention to the frequency of extra-uterine pregnancy. Bush was tapped it would kill her.

Its action in cases complicated with vesico-vaginal fistula is most marked, the dribbling of the antiseptic urine over the carcinoma causing a continual INTRA - UTERINE G ALV ANO-C AUTERI ZATION IN GYNECOLOGY. Page Version 1.05