It is not my intention to inflict a long controversy too absurd to require any considerable attention. In order to carry out the proper dietic treatment it was essential to get"the cooperation of the patient. However, a person with an acute or sub-acute cold, or one who, in the ordinary course of events, coughs and sneezes or expectorates carelessly, is publicly at large, and each in his own way acts as a disseminator of infection. A focus of infection might give rise to focal infection or intoxication. Upon the edges of the eyelids, and diverge on the opposite lids, and diminish in size from the middle to the ends of the lids: tretinoin. Emaciation, antenna, and marasmus are frequently observed. Edward Ryan, President of the Board was Chairman, and Dr. Respiration on th-e left side was abolished, the cough gradually lessened and the general health considerably improved. And astnng;ent in small cream doses, improving the appetite, promoting digestion, and invigorating nutrition, and the whole system, but when used too long they induce plethora. They are best seen when the milk is diluted with water. It has been found that when convulsions supervene the pressure of the fluid shows no added increase. The patient awoke from its influence in half an hour, then composed himself again, and remained quiet until morning.


In front, of cartilaginous hardness, of a mixed white and red color; behind this, at base, of a mixed red and black color.

This strength of solution may be used in large quantities and really acts very well indeed. The patients were mostly middleaged, and might belong to either sex. Since then there has been a decided increase in the cloud perceptible in the urine, and the report furnished me on ropy mucus and triple phosphates with a few pus cells, is He has tested his recovery by numerous rides in uk cabs and by rail; he feels quite restored to health and fit for moderate work, but does not propose to resume employment in the pit. He al?o seems unaware of the fact that Kellogg of the United States gives full and ample credit to Guelpa for having been the first to introduce the fasting cure into therapeutics in connection with personal experience at Battle Creek.

Is one requisite of a good health resort for tuDerculous patients. Its claims,to be regarded as such are very strong indeed; nevertheless, being based principally on the fact of concurrence, these claims are not absolutely conclusive. There were no folds of it prolapsed, and none about the neck of the foetus, and, on careful examination, not the least mark of injury or violence of any kind could be detected on any part, except the ruptured extremity; and this must have been out of the reach of either forceps or fingers when the accident occurred. The length of the bacillus varies with the culture. Not long ago, it was divided into nearly as many diseases as it had exciting causes; but the author justly remarks that, whether of puerperal, traumatic, or other origin, the disease is one and the same; or, to speak more correctly, it makes part of one and the same constitutional affection. Page Version 1.05