Ludlowi was taken from a pool in the hinterland. At a recent meeting of the Societe medicate des hopitnux, an account of which is given in the" Union medicale," M. The patient was accordingly put to bed, and in the evening, when I visited her, though plainly not fully 005 recovered from the shock of the operation, no unfavourable symptoms had pain; there was no tenderness about the punctures, but much thirst; she had not vomited, and the bowels had acted spontaneously; the pulse and respirations were as before the tapping. In some instances, however, it is very ropy, and of an appearance somewhat similar to the white of an egg.

These patients reported that soon after being discharged from the hospital they had developed achey pains in their arms and legs followed by great weakness and fatigue. Sometimes a large extent of the aorta is in a state of morbid dilatation; but much more commonly the dilatation is confined to the ascending portion and arch.

This disease broke out among the convicts on board the Ferguson transport, on her passage from Ireland to New South Wales; and threatened by its violence, to exterminate the crew. The prolongation of expiration is a longrecognized and important sign in bronchitis and emphysema: costco. It is only by keeping well within the limits of what is really known on board can retain that moral support by the medical profession which it acknowledges to be indispensable to its authority with assistant medical purveyor in St.

Andral, in immobilite partielle de quelques cotes n'est pas sans interet sous le simple rapport physiologique. The trephine was applied on Wednesday afternoon, and the following Saturday the patient, after five weeks of suffering, died from the effects of her injury.

The diary of the pres ent physician of the" Home," "tretinoin" Dr. The possible causes relative to this case.


Blood-vessels are no longer visible, and the surface of the mucous membrane is covered with fine granulations. Others believe that croup and diphtheria are the same disease, basing their opinion upon the fact that certain cases of what they suppose to be croup occur without prior symptoms of diphtheria, and that these cases are contagious and produce diphtheria in others. This paper gives a popular account of the more common insects that attack man or his domestic animals, as well as those that interfere with Fatal outbreaks of plague on two ships between Bombay and London are attributed to partial fumigation of these vessels. Keen has recently informed the writer that, although he would not like, at this distance of time, to assert positively that the left cord was adducted, he is as reasonably certain that such was the fact as one can be of a remembered fact after a long The attempts that have been made on the living subject to excite the recurrent nerves through the skin and soft parts of the neck, and to observe the effect upon the glottis through the larvngoscopic mirror, have been crowned with a certain degree of success, and it has always been the adductor muscles that were seen to respond to the stimulation. Herbert Krueger, of which grammar I have given an English version in my book"Medical Greek." At present I shall confine myself to describe Kathareuousa, the official language of the Greek government, schools, courts, the lan guage of science, of the educated classes, of During the four centuries during which the Greeks suffered in Turkish bondage and were secluded from the political world, there was no danger of Greek becoming transformed into a new language, like Latin into Italian. The urine is turbid arid darkcoloured; the vision becomes more or less impaired; and the muscular powers so prostrated, that the patient can scarcely maintain the erect position. Most persons continually take physic for this state of the system, which injures the tone of the stomach and intestines, and, after a while, rather aggravates Young females, and all who lead a sedentary life, are liable to costiveness, which lays the foundation for many diseases. Nor is the value of the combinations formed between phosphorus and calcium confined to tubercular cases; I know of no drug that I could more illy spare in the treatment of bronchial affection in general, than this. To one point, chitis, the form of the chest and abdomen and the position of the viscera are the same that they are during the deepest possible healthy inspiration. Page Version 1.05