A few cases have been reported whore death could be attributed to nothing else than the severity of the pain. Currently local applications of cold can be said to be of clinical value, but systemic applications of cold have not been developed to a point at which they can be employed in clinical practice.

Typhoid fever is with us because typhoid bacilli get into our food and drink. We have, for example, found that the typical anaesthesia of hysteria is nothing more than the anaesthesia which an cream average individual with no knowledge of anatomy or physiology would expect to be they were attempting to swindle a railway company after an accident by malingering paralysis of the right arm and leg.

He stated that the day before he had been using the douche, and had accidentally forced some of the solution up the and as it still retained its transparency I thought I could detect the shadow of a thick fluid, probably pus, which slowly changed its position on movement of the head forwards and backwards.

This case had been seen by several of the diagnosticians of the Department of Ilealtli who, jn the first attack, concluded it scarlet fever, but, on the recurrence, revised tlieir diagnosis. In one of my cases the bacilli were found on the fourth day. So is heat of value in the torpidities of aftereffects, even diathermia to awaken joints, or dry heat by Tyrnauer's cabinet. I also had the impression that the reporting of cases of tuberculosis was done less faithfully than when the doctor is dealing with the contagious exanthemata or diphtheria, but also that there is a gradual improvement taking place as a result of the activities of state and local health authorities, and the publicity campaign carried A"series of articles in the Cambridge Staiuhrd to show that cases of tuberculosis are not reported, and under the heading of"The Doctor Wlio Does not Report Tuberculosis," puts the If these cases are not reported, the blame should be put upon the doctor, for the laity has these matters to the physicians.

This is the first time that the globoid bodies have been reported as being in no way was there any indication of its being a factor in the pathology of poliomyelitis. However, there uk is one case in which the development of two children is under the influence of precisely similar genes. Another point is that primary infection of the bladder is rare, and that in tuberculosis of the bladder associated with tuberculosis of the kidney the treatment of the latter is almost useless, but when we do a nephrectomy and remove the tuberculous kidney tuberculosis of the bladder cures itself without treatment. It has been found that, if an electrical current is made to oscillate at an extremely rapid rate, it can be passed through the tissues of the human body without producing any neuromuscular response; hence no electrical"shock" is produced. Was found to consist of a mass of fungous growths of a lobulated character, and projecting above the surface of the mucous membrane to the extent of three-fourths of an inch. I believe any irritative condition of the epithelia will cause the cells to weep a mucoid material just as the nasal cells weep and give us a catarrhal condition. Guiteras has shown that the disease prevails extensively in the Southern States, and since his paper appeared contributions have been made by Matas, of New Orleans, Mastin, of Mobile, De Saussure, of Charleston, The effects produced may be described under the following conditions: many cases without special disturbance of health, the subject from time to time passes urine of an opaque white, milky appearance, or bloody, or a chylous fluid which on settling shows a slightly reddish clot. As soon as the vomiting ceased, he had severe cramps in the calves of his legs, thighs, fingers, and toes, and in the abdomen; they were so severe that he could not refrain from crying, and continued to number, still retaining the rice-water color, very copious, and unattended by pain. Dust, especially after dry sweeping of floors, walks and streets. In infants the disinfecting fluids are sometimes better applied through the nostrils, but the irrigating stream should be allowed to flow very gently. Acute neuritis has been described, and convulsions, epilepsy, and a delirium, which may be not unlike that produced by alcohol.

Drugs may be held in contact with cells by adsorption. FePBcroBiLoanY; and white form of strophulus, S. Elsberg, the celebrated laryngolo gist, of New York, was present, and he would call on him to make some remarks on the paper, which he did, much to the edification of those present.

Those who are aware of the great depth at which the artery is placed in the upper part of its course, will appreciate the assistance which the bloodless method must have afforded in this operation, which is stated by Leisrink to have been performed with ease. In the latter case the cough is sooner distinctive; it comes on in fits, mostly at night; in the day there are intervals without cough. Disease causes absence from work, which means reduced earnings and increased expenses, and, in extreme cases, a state of mind which has been termed"slum disease" is developed, in which individuals have become chronically careless or indifferent because they have found themselves unable to cope effectively against the depressing influence of their surroundings.

To fourteen da ys, sometimes twenty-three" (Clinical Society), during which there are feelings of lassitude and inaptitude for work.


Then the breast milk becomes deficient. We this, besides its influence in paralyzing the blood-vessels of the peritonaeum, and thus causing an afflux of blood to the part, certainly tends to induce changes in the fluids of the peritoneal cavity, which become an immediate cause of septicaemia.

The proteins, ever since the researches of Graham, have been recognized as a special group or a limited section of this class, and we have here an excellent monograph devoted entirely to this group. According to Berenger-Feraud it has spread rapidly in western Europe, owing probably to the importation of beef and live-stock from the Mediterranean basin. Of identical structure, histologically, as the tonsil. Where the cause is beyond attack, treatment may so affect this balance that, despite an irremovable cause and an all but exhausted reserve, function is maintained and life goes on without disabling symptoms and perhaps without serious restrictions.

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