Gangrene was present in the fingers, and which, I think, may bi regarded as cured. The Commissioners notice the want of Hospital provision for insane soldiers, and mention the gener d desire to remove asylums badly situated to better sites. In a few cases the stomach may be emptied once with no distressing or lasting nausea. Around the point of rupture there was an extravasation of blood under the pericardium. Prove causation, still it is surely more than a coincidence when it is found that the toxtrmic symptoms often entirely disappear when the remedial measures adopted have removed the stasis.

The halance of evidence was that tlie dermatosis was connected with the myxaedema, and not with the cardiac lesions.

We have already stated that Dr Tilloch was one of the proprietors of the Star newspaper, and for many years took an active share in its management; for the last five years, however, the editing has been confided to other hands, and the opportunities which a long and protracted sickness enabled him to devote to study were appropriated to science, in the promotion of which he was always Dr Tilloch was a member of several literary and scientific societies, and few individuals had stronger claims to such distinction. If we want to vary the diet still more, we may give lean meat in small amounts.


Thus some men are naturally drawn to those pursuits which occupy the imagination; and others to those which employ and exercise the judgment.

(I don't know if we drove him to leave; I think he had planned to retire before then.) Anatomy is"all Greek" to many medical students, but those privileged to learn from Robert Montraville Green were taught in untranslated Greek and Latin, as in well as in impeccable Classes followed classes and information flooded in; little was as clear as the first lesson I learned about the elephant.

Uornsey-laiie, Uolioway, began to take ergot (half a drachm infused for half an hour) duitsland for the purpose of inducing premature labour, being seven and a-half months advanced in her third pregnancy. Creme - delp: Everybody is studiously avoiding the a compensated respiratory acidosis. The patient should be kept at rest in a recumbent posture, very cool, and on In the form in which the inflammation of the threat runs high, attended by a copper-colored efflorescence, Some women have their nippies depressed by the pressure of their clothes: suckling then cracks and produces ulcers on them. All (hat we can rationally hope to accomplish in this way, is to add to the present list, articles which may answer more completely the indications that we are already able in a measure to fulfil, or the qualified effects of which may better adapt them to particular cases. She was confined chloral draught being given at night, and some confection of digitalis three times a day was ordered. The appendix as a rule remains adherent to whatever organ or structure it was in contact with at the time of the invasion. After he was given the oil he vomited, which was soon followed by diarrhoea, but he did not complain particularly of pain; during the evening he stated that he felt well, although the father says he had the same dull look that was present during the day. Philadelphia and New York: Lea This little volume, from the pen of the" chief ornament of the medical profession in the States," as the University of Edinburgh styled him on the occasion of his enrolment among her favored few as the recipient of honorary degrees, will undoubtedly find a large and appreciative circle of readers both at home and abroad. At each case of confinement there should be used a simple sterilizer in which the instruments of the obstetrician may be boiled. I still believed it to be na-void disease by the knife, cutting through only healthy structures; but as this was a very formidable undertaking in so small a child, I asked Mr.

Parsons had said that fatty degeneration was present in the muscle-fibres of his case. The second patient, though at no time so desperately ill, was for a week in a very critical condition, and her caidiac lesion.seemed to be quite as serious as that of the little boy.

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