In advanced pulmonary tuberculosis the lungcavity may contain a ruptured aneurysm, or mere ulceration of an exposed vessel may be observed. If the sexual development is precocious, he associates pituitary with the other extracts, with or without suspension of the suprarenal extract. The Rhoon hills shelter the town from The sanitation is good, drainage good, and the supply of pure water abundant. Acute syphilitic myelitis gives an unfavorable prognosis. It should be made fresh each season. They are, as a rule, concentrated tinctures. When, however, we come to study, in the next section of the table, the relations of color in the various divisions, we find the ratios just noticed practically reversed.


There are two views as to the cause of phloridzin diabetes: (a) that the kidneys, owing to the action of the phloridzin on an excessive formation of glucose occurs (generally held). The anterior chamber was partially filled with blood, so that only the upper portion of the iris could be seen. The old rule was that teachers and pupils must present certificates showing that they had been vaccinated, but was indeterminate as to the successfulness of the vaccination and permitted parents as well as any physician to sign the certificate. He had seen such a case in whidi the patient was nauseated instantly by the injection, vomit for six days, intermittently. Other institutions fulfil particularly lack and what they particularly need is a separate institution, or rather two institutions, one for boys and one for girls, to which defective delinquents may be committed, and where they may be closely studied from all standpoints to determine the nature of their defects, whether they may be corrected and the best means by which such correction may be made, and if not correctable what final disposal should be made.

Pepper said that his statistics and observations went to show that when influenza was prevailing pneumonia was three times as common as in ordinary seasons; that the catarrhal variety was more frequently met with than the "trimix" croupous; that there was more apex pneumonia than was commonly seen; that there was a great excess of jaundice; that infectious nephritis was usually present; that cerebral symptoms were unusually marked and persistent; and that neural symptoms were pronounced, so that as a result muscular atrophy was a common sequel. The author aims at the highest science, yet has some of his cuts so carelessly executed that the letters in the text referring to essential points are not to be found on the diagrams. Specific vaginal catarrh is, on the other hand, according to Siinger, more obstinate to cure even sale than is generally supposed. Tbe treatment was repeated from four to alz times in the twenty-four hours, the frequency depending upon the condition of the patient and tbe rapidity with which the pus accumulated. This is due in large part, she believes, to the effects of malnutrition and exposure to cold. I have date showing- that chickens, pigs and rabbits are killed by partaking of comparatively a small quantity of salt. It was accepted for a time, prominent surgeons using his animal ligatures. It is also annoyed by the bed-clothes, which it continually throws off, lying exposed even in a cool temperature. We have seen the urine in full fermentation like small beer a few hours after it was made; but did not knowtill now that it was owing to the presence, in such cases, of chylous matter acting like yeast. He supposed that the injury in Dr: for. Page Version 1.05