For tracheal cannula from electrolytic corrosion at the points of solder, where the contact of two metals and the corrosive liquid supply the conditions, has not been infrequent, especially before the practice of aseptic surgery. In marantic infants, in whom there is no fat, this tissue persists, and the tiny nodules are extremely difficult to distinguish in size, color, and situation from the parathyroids. Upon this result, which we did not hesitate to anticipate and predict when formulating these requirements, and submitting them for the assent and support of the profession and the service, we may venture to congratulate the naval authorities, the heads of the medical service, who acted with so much vigour and ability in the inquiry conducted by the Admiralty; and, in some measure we hope, the Association and ourselves, who undertook the responsibility of a minute and extended investigation of the grievances, and of defining the requirements of the service, in a series of propositions which were ultimately accepted as the bases of that reform which has proved so satisfactory in its results.


The morbidity ratios reported in Table IV are the percentage of those persons reporting their having used a drug at least five times in a lifetime (ever gotten drunk in life) who go on to meet criteria for abuse-dependence.

In the first place, traction downwards can be made, the hook being imbedded in the uterine wall anteriorly; in the second place, it serves as a guide, telling the operator the exact position of the uterus, so that wounding the viscera may be avoided; and, finally, the groove serves as a director along which the straight scissors MODIFICATION OF KELLY's CYSTOSCOPE FOR EXAMINATION OF THE FEMALE BLADDER. He was" hove down" last year, and pretty well careened fore and aft, and cleared, I trust, of barnacles for some time to come; but he righted nobly; his timbers were found sound, and I hope, for years he will continue to make his eight knots One day during the awful heats of July, I took my customary stroll, and going through Love Lane towards my old friend's house, near Greenwood, I overtook a young lady walking alone; unconscious at the moment of my constitutional failing, and under the influence of the locality, I must have looked a little too closely at her, for she hurried on, and arrived some time before me at my friend's house, whither, it seems, she was also going. Hence, to adopt any measure which would result in the severing of their connection with the hospital entirely, would be a great mistake: buy. He has come to the conclusion that the way in which some of the milk-supplies are stored in dirty houses, where all the usual operations of a whole household are being carried out, with, in many cases, gallons of milk standing in open vessels, is simply a ready method of spreading disease of such a character as typhoid or other infectious disease. Slight haemorrhage from the uterus; the funis still felt, but the presenting part had receded beyond the reach of the finger.

Olshausen holds that the movements felt by Ahlfeldt were the aortic pulsations transmitted through the uterus to the abdominal wall. Benefiting by this hint, the same means have been since successfully applied to more than one human subject who had taken prussic acid. In many women the thyroid enlarges at the first menstruation, and at life is accomi)anied by an enlargement of the thyroitl. Before contributing the facts I have collected, it may not be out of place, with a view to the better understanding of the subject, to refer briefly to some of the principal theories found in text-books and elsewhere. Records connecting a cannula either with the vein immediately after leaving the by connecting a very sensitive receiving tambour with a trephine hole volume can not change to any degree, yet this will occur when a the respiratory and the cardiac waves in all three of them are identical.

More, much more, remains to be done in pathological research before the precise nature of inflammation and of malignant disease can be recognised with sufficient accuracy to enable us to determine their precise mutual The prominence which is given in the Queen's Speech to the proposed establishment in the counties of England and Wales of local self-government, will be hailed with satisfaction by those who have seen how greatly the country at large suffers from the lack of intelligent county councils for the direction of matters purely local. Although the observation does not enable us to determine exactly where the heartbeat originates, yet it makes it very probable that this is somewhere in the auricles; a conclusion which is borne out by many other pieces of evidence, such as those obtained by illustrates by the circles and usa connecting dotted lines the method of leading off by paired contacts and the subsequent orientation. The belly was to be firmly bandaged, which was often quite enough for the union of the wound even without the use of stitches. Within a few weeks, a sarcoma developed in the shoulder, and rapidly we have referred, that the relation of the violence to the growth of the tumour cannot be mere coincidence. A diagnosis of cancer of the fundus uteri was made, and it was resolved to pen which was done by making a free abdominal section.

As in other parts, two and two primitive nervous fibres form loops, but in the elevations now in question these loops do not lie so open to view, being folded together in various ways, so as to form balls, some of which, collected together in the figure of rosettes, may be found on the corium of the ends of the fingers, as shown by Gerber.

It must not be supposed that the bulbus arteriosus of fishes, although it composes a third element in the propulsive system, is a true cardiac cavity; or tlie analogue of the second auricle of the repitilian heart. In the neighbouring city of Paris, the project which has received the municipal approval consists in having horse ambulance stations, corresponding in their distribution to the former"Secours des Blesses" stations, forming together a distinct municipal organisation. Page Version 1.05