Vincent's Hospital, and Professor of Anatomy and Physiology in the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin Anatomy and Physiology in theLedwich Minchin, Humphry, M,B.


The children so treated were found after a short period altogether to outstrip in their schoolwork those who devoted, or were supposed to devote, twice as much time to it. The scope of the inquiry has been defined within the following limits:"To investigate what deleterious effects follow tlie prolonged and continuous use of chloral in ordinary doses." The committee consists of Sir William Jenner, Bart., I)r Andrew Clark, Dr Buzzard, Dr Duckworth, Dr Barlow, Dr Farquharson. In the latter respect chorea differs from locomotor ataxia, the movements in ataxia being never wholly involuntary.

The average child fed on firm food requiring mastication will grow up with strong, square jaws, and will become a vigorous and well-developed adult. It may, however, arise from mechanical injury of the nerve, and exposure to cold and damp air. As regards polyuria and congestion, the anatomical lesion and physiological disturbance are in direct relation to the intensity and degree of the tension. The pale kidneys, doubtless, often belong to a later stage of the disease than the red, but this interpretation is not in all cases admissible. 'She bathes in the water, and dots of blood and pieces of fat escape from the wound, and when they come floating along here I sdze"'Ha! So I did hit her!' Old Man said. As before mentioned, the virus or contagious element comes in liquid form from a chancre or a moist, exuding surface, or, more rarely, with the blood itself from a fresh wound. They may be made to contract by the motions of muscles or of organs composed of involuntary muscular fibre such as the intestines. In other words, more or less of the symptoms belonging to the second stage are required for a positive diagnosis. Cadge' recommended almost precisely the same method as both safe and efficient, adding," I dare say it has been adopted by others but I do not find it alluded to in modern text-books." It must be remembered, however, that its adoption places the surgeon in almost the same situation in regard to the possibility of leaving debris or unnoticed stones in the bladder, as he occupies after a litholapaxy. The fact that a cholera carrier and a mild case of this disease with a prolonged period of incubation occurred on two of the four vessels arriving at the port of New York, would indicate the frequency of these types of cases, and that the popular belief that symptoms of cholera appear within five days after infection is one which cannot be fully accepted. They occur in a pretty large proportion of cases, and are generally forerunners of a fatal termination. It betrays an inherent defect, an absence of the self-reliance and invigorating enterprise which characterizes that fusion of stocks claims the world as its field of industry, founds English-.speaking, liberty-loving nations in remote regions, and goes on" multiplying and replenishing the earth," in obedience to the Divine mandate, and the divinely-implanted instinct of reproduction. This condition is called urtemic amaurosis. In this way is explained the fixation of the intiissusception when it has once penetrated, a fixation which, when we consider the opposition exerted by the invaginated mesentery, presupposes an active participation by the sheath, a sort of tenesmus of it. For this reason Mackenzie designates his case as paralysis of the adductors The picture presented by the disease will vary materially, as a matter of course, according as the crico-arytsenoideus lateralis is affected alone or simultaneously with the rest of the antagonists of the posterior crico-arytfenoideus (the thyro-arytaenoidei be opened to the utmost extent, the vocal cords will be held firmly against the lateral walls and be incapable of any movement towards the median line. In the treatment of psoriasis, it modifies the surface with rapidity, and seems to accelerate the cure of the eruption more quickly tiian oil of cade. Review - the carbo-hydrates are here more completely fermented, with formation of sugar and especially lactic acid, to the presence of the latter of which is due the acid reaction of the contents of the large intestine, in contrast with the alkaline reaction of those of the small intestine. As will be seen, however, in the account to be given of progressive muscular atrophy, this affection is to be considered as having for its anatomical basis morbid changes in the anterior gray matter of tlie cord.

Retention of the trochanter will add greatly to the future usefulness of the limb as well as to its length, as a short, slightly movable band of union is most useful.

In length, and occupying a third part of the circumference, from which radiated amazon several striae. In the Museum of the College of Surgeons in London there is a specimen of such a segment which is of gigantic size. He is convinced by his investigations that if one have a true ear and percuss with sufficient delicacy, slight degrees of dulness can be detected whenever there is glandular enlargement.

The Reports of the Eastern Penitentiary, written chiefly by my distinguished townsman, Hon. Brown is well known in internal medicine circles throughout the country.

Here belong serious ftecal obstructions of the rectal ampulla, such as are seen especially in advanced life; compression of the rectum by tumors arising from the organs and walls of the pelvis, occlusions which succeed to a constriction tliat has lasted a long time, and the nature and cause of which were known, and, finally, occlusion by foreign bodies and intussusceptions which have made their way to the rectum. Iodine, or the iodide of potassium, has been thought to have a special influence over this fever. I simply recognize the unfortunate necessity which sometimes arises of following where our inchnation does not lead, and I therefore give a formula for an emulsion, believing it, without prejudice, equal to any of the many now before the profession and the Of all the excipients suggested by different authorities as well as commending themselves to one's own approval for emulsifying cod-liver oil, none, I think, equals gum tragacanth. The base of the neck was very hard and brawny, and the skin had a red, erythematous appearance. As soon as they came in sight of it they stopped, put on their fine clothes, and then went on. Page Version 1.05