Believing that he had ruptured cesophagus to deal with, he considered the case aU but hopeless, but, as nature sometimes does wonders in her reparative processes, he thought it prudent to recommend hot fomentations to be continued without cessation, and about going on. In case of a mother, do not nurse your child, and keep it removed from you as you value its life. Inllatnination i)f the ciilon presents the same varieties as are seen in other mucous membranes, and may thus be catarrhal vt ulcerative. When still more advanced these peduncles become coiled up in a spiral form. The circumstances under which these several bills failed to become laws were given in detail in our last report.

The deterioration of the blood, the absence of arterial blood, or the proper vital sanguine fluid, is accounted for from the operation of the above cause. The choleric stools are, however, always preceded by discharges of complete absence of the colouring matter of bile as essential to characterize the choleric stools, it is sufficient that they are watery and flocculent. The beak is The principal advantage this instrument has over that of Mercier's is in the angle of the beak with the blades.

The llniil contents are clear, or slightly turbid, or blooil-staincd. Eddy's Book of Science Rogers, Lincoln,"A Case of Cholera Morbus" Shorb, J. Sayre's cases are in themselves interesting, and are particularly valuable in serving to direct attention to a source of reflex irritation which has not been This little pamphlet completes the history of the well-known case in which aneurismal tumour greatly diminishing in size, and all the urgent symptoms of the be permanent; as the result, however, of a very irregular mode of life and of the rather injudicious treatment to which the patient was subjected on one of the numerous occasions on which she was found drunk in the streets, the progress of the disease was ultimately renewed, and death followed external rupture of mentioned, that the aneurism was of the aorta and not of the innominate artery. Dropsy was held by Aetios to be caused by functional disturbance of the liver, whereby nutriment is converted, not into blood, but into water (ascites), phlegm (anasarca) or gas (tympanites): vermox.

C, is found a locality possessed of a climate characterized Warm, moist climates, marked by a soft, relaxing air, and moderately high therraometric range, are suitable to a more limited class of cases, characterized by" a tendency to irritability of the skin and raucous membranes, with a liability to intercurrent attacks of inflammation of the airpassages, and, at the same time, fair action of the stomach, liver, and dj'sentery, will get nothing but harm from a warm, sedative climate, and must, therefore, by all means avoid it. It is easy to understand how a previous bather with mucous patches at the anus had left the secretions on the garment, and the exertions of rubbing the dampened cloth upon the fissure readily afforded the best possible opportunity for infection.

Tubercular tumors are so frequently multiple that the occurrence of local symptoms pointing to more than one tumor will also point to tubercular tumors. All the severely wounded, and at least half of the slightly wounded for, and to do this six double journeys would be necessary.

At a variable period following the cessation of the systemic absorption of lead, the extent depending largely upon the severity of the poisoning and whether efforts have been made to eliminate the metal, a bluish-purple discoloration succeeds the bluish in the affected portion of the gum, and it, in its turn, is succeeded by a purplish, and this by a red line entirely without any element of blueness. The woman, however, hesitated for a few days, until the pains became intolerable and vomiting came on with fever and rigors and rapidly increasing down to the peritoneum, which was found to be thickened and adherent to a thin-walled foetal sac. The associated conditions arc decided thirst, capricious and often deficient appetite, offensive breath, and unpleasant taste; a furred tongue red at the tip and edges, narrow and pointed, but sumelinies bluud and Hubby; luid red ur siwugy giuns, and cracked lips. They take anesthetics quietly and react favorably after severe operations. SPECIMENS FROM A CASE OF HEMATOMA OF BOTH In this case extra-uterine pregnancy was suspected; but no evidences of its existence could be detected. Why this parasite should be called bath-tub taenia (riband, band, tape) we do not know. In the second form, the symptoms resemble those of pleurisy with effusion; and, in the third, those of pulmonary tuberculosis. Both of these preparations are as prompt and effectual as remedial agents. This will lay bare the vein at once. I then dilated the integumentary portion of the fistula, inserted a small silver canula, and injected a solution of argenti nitrat.

By Ephraim According to Troltsch most anatomists suppose the Eustachian tubes the Eustachian tube is not uniformly cylindrical, but slightly trumpetshaped at both ends, or rather two frustrums meeting at their Eustachian tube which the writer removed from a dissecting-room subject, aged eighty years, presented a uniformly cylindrical appearance, much different from that stated by Troltsch.

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