This may be generally met by the application of linseed-meal poultices, and the administration of opium or morphia internally, or price morphia subcutaneously. Walton will tell you more accurately his condition. " Con traction of the pupils is the most constant of all the effects of opium." l Hence there are on record cases of haemorrhage into this part of the nervous system, mistaken for and treated as cases of opium poisoning. The discussion of the Symposium follows. He attributes this change to toxic products formed by the neoplasm. The old long-woolled Lincolnshires were a gaunt unsightly race. The looks, the forms, the voices, the smiles of the dead are still with us.

Their protoplasm stains a lighter shade, their general contour is nearly always circular. Partial paralysis of n: of face. Simply pale yellow fibrinous material, under the fascia or between the muscular bundles, or between the Another feature which is commonly regarded as constant, is the condition of the gums. Even when the rectum is extensively invaded it may be difficult to find any coccidia in the small intestines; however, in the youngest animals the small intestine is found to be affected to a greater extent than the large, the greatest changes being found in the ileum.

It is a description of this last division which this article attempts. One in authority proposed that we agree that and finally there was agreement that the minimum salary should not Society of the State of North Carolina the following day. The results were certainly!en operated upon. They are often situate on an inflamed base: they heal by discharge of their contents, and the drying and shedding of the epidermic scale.

This operation is often also used in conjunction with pneumothorax or other surgical procedures such as intercostal neurectomy and thoracoplasty. The recent establishment of the New York Infirmary for Women the auspices of some of the most eminent in the profession of the male sex as well as of the clergy, is a favorable omen towards the advancement of female medical education. The male nurse cleanses the part after each motion, and when suture loops appear too tight he snips them through. Whether it is due to the protective barrier afforded by the aponeurosis lining the fossa or the removal of secretions and prevention of their being swallowed or aspirated into the lungs, seems impossible to determine; but whatever the reason the result was gratifying and this was that there were no post-operative complications in these cases except a few mild cases of acidosis, which recovered in a few days. Ventricular premature beats (P B) are complicating the fibrillation. Both by their position (being seated upon the vessels), and by their structure, recent miliary tubercles of the pia mater have the closest resemblance to the Malpighian follicles of the spleen: indeed the similarity is so great that when the same bodies, which are recognised elsewhere as being recent miliary tubercles, are found in the spleen, it is often impossible to distinguish them from the Malpighian follicles.

In Merionethshire, a mountainous district, sheep-farming is the staple business of the agriculturist, and the hreed of sheep are celebrated. Holt, pharmacist of the third class, promoted to be CHANGES IN THE MEDICAL CORPS OF THE NAVY C. Combined obstruction and regurgitation may give rise to presystolic and systolic, to systolic and diastolic (to and fro), and, especially in advanced stages, to an almost continuous rumbling dischem sound, Mitral constriction often gives rise to haemoptysis quite early, and is perhaps more often than mitral regurgitation the cause of hemiplegia from embolism of the cerebral arteries. Though the patient was pale with a weak pulse, and though the blood could scarce be got to flow from the veins, yet she was bled, once from the arms, many times from the feet, and seven times from the neck.

The names of such agents as may belong to one of these four classes, but whose character is as yet undetermined by scientific writers, are made to terminate in ine, as Cornine, Santonine, Salicine, Piperine. The author believes that their entrance into the maternal circulation is a regular occurrence, and is without special pathological importance, except that under certain circumstances he believes that syphilitic infection of either mother or child may be induced in this way.


Does a good citizen, even let alone a Christian parent, do his duty by his children, when he goes no further than the catechism, the confession or the prayer book?" The first thing I wish to say under the head of Sanitation is to commend the state field workers in the department of Sanitation, for their universally gentlemanly conduct, and to thank them for their earnest and sincere desire to work in perfect harmony with the various county departments. Fecal fluids found oozing up through the wound.

This distinction is noticeable in relation to the nocturnal state of the patients. The formula is as follows: For years this has been a popular remedy for the purpose of destroy ing granulations and other morbid growths, and it is more than probable the blood-root which has been added to various ointments and applications which have been used upon cancerous affections has done much toward effecting the cure.

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