Discharges of blood from the mamma and nipples are more frequent, and have been seen by Schenck, Amatus Lusitanus, Marcellus Donatus, Mercklinus, Vander Wiel, Panarolus, Paullini, Bierling, Hoffmann, Schurig, Trioen, Delius, Richter, Wegemn, Jacobson, and myself. At times, autogenous vaccine is also used. IsTow, as all but the three hopeless cases amputations and other severe operations for one, and some even two days, harl no unfavorable efiect upon the chances which would have been lost, had the operations taken place on the day of the injury. For - it is applicable, and is a great remedy in some cases, but in the majority of those we see, modified as they are by our southern climate, it will not do; at least, such is my experience.

Often, however, when this last plan has been adopted, a return of the hemorrhage necessitates a second ligature upon some higher point; and should this fail, as is not frequently the case, amputation of the limb will be the only resort to save life. The intermittent pyrexia, occurring for weeks or months, has led in some cases to the diagnosis of malaria, but this disease can be positively excluded The cases usually terminate fatally. Nearly every sample shows the presence of colon bacilli and an excessive number of other bacteria. The patient's vitality is seriously impaired.


This result, so remarkable, of galvanising either the separated sympathetic trunk in the rabbit, or the re-united trunk of the pneumogastric and sympathetic in the dog, the Hmb from iiTitation of the sciatic nerve. Rest, dry cupping, and a bland but nutritious diet, with as little water drinking as possible; flannel worn habitually next the skin, "sale" well ventilated quarters, and protection Book for the Military Surgeon. The cause of the pneumothorax can usually be found without difficulty. As to pies and cakes in general, they are simply not to be spoken of. To the medical schools it certainly seems as if the various examining and licensing boards of the different States had quite enough to do, for the present at least, to unify their own methods and standards so that the certificate of one board will meet the.requirements of another, even as a medical school on the principle of reciprocity admits students from other schools on the basis of work done by them in their former school. The mucous membranes usually share with the skin in the thickening process.

The course I shall piu-sue here will be the same as in preceding lectures. Many of the causes already noticed, and of those about to be mentioned, act partly by weakening these organs and favouring congestion of, or inflammatory determination to the mucous surface. As soon as this has become sufficiently turbid and dense the whole lens should be removed by the usual process of cataract Particles that have penetrated deeper than these, into the vitreous, or find lodgment in the retina or the choroid, can be rarely removed with success. There is no doubt of the value in these cases of removal from the changeable, irregular weather which prevails in the temperate regions from November until April. The fat of Similac has a physical and chemical composition that permits a fat retention comparable to that of soluble to a point approximating the soluble proteins in Say you saw it in the NEW YORK STATE JOURNAL OF MEDICINE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK Richard LeRoy Saunders, M.D., Secretary Buffalo Leonard Greenburg, M.D., Secretary New York Scott Lord Smith, M.D., Chairman Poughkeepsie Eliot Bishop, M.D., Chairman Brooklyn PUBLIC HEALTH, HYGIENE AND SANITATION HISTORY OF MEDICINE PHYSICAL THERAPY the success of THESODATE (Brewer) (Original enteric coated tablet of Theobromine Sodium Acetate) Indicated in treatment of coronary artery disease and edema.

Signs of pleural effusion occur in a great many instances of mediastinal growth, and in doubtful cases the aspirator needle should be used. As a result,'nervousness' ceased and the child returned to school in two weeks, and she has remained well and happy ever since. I think the yoimgest man here can remember when physicians and surgeons practiced and taught that a hernia which was well held by a truss and which gave no trouble should be let alone and operation only done when a truss could not be worn. In fact, I am not acciuainted with any recorded cases of rheuniatic carditis occurring in a The author cites other authorities wlio also point out the rarity of rheumatic cardiac disease in India, where In discussing tliis part of lus subject, Dr. Carl Crisand, occupied the chair and called The first business was the discussion of the proposed increase of annual dues, and it was voted not to accept the amendment. The symptoms recur the next night, and the fit, as it is called, usually lasts for from five to eight days, the severity of the symptoms gradually abating. Page Version 1.05