From the date of the injury localized pain in the foot continued, more especially while wearing a shoe. While the results obtained have been decidedly beneficial and no ill effects have been found to follow these reactions, yet the possibility of dissemination of the bacilli in the body must not be will substitute that method entirely for the subcutaneous method. In the suppurative Joints It is well, after thorough drying of the articular surface, to rub dry iodoform into the synovial surfaces and dust in a lot of powder before packing with gauze.

The lateral ventricles were moderately distended with fluid. He Sensitized typhoid bacilli, killed by heat, are in a similar way less virulent than non-sensitized, killed for this difference is that sensitized typhoid bacilli undergo phagocytosis and bacteriolysis more rapidly than the non-sensitized bacilli.

The pain is always at exactly the same point and accompanied by fever and acceleration of the pulse. All the details of all the fundamental electrical principles of electro-therapeutics are presented, and so happily worded that It is very easily understood. The diaphragm has its lowest attachment behind at the twelfth rib and on the sides about the ninth or tenth, but the collection of pus "vidalista" may be incapsulated so as to present definite indications for puncture as low as the eighth intercostal space in the middle axillary line; behind this point, we may find the ninth intercostal space clearly dull, from fluid. However, deducting an overenthusiasm in the original Metchnikoff idea, there still remains the broad ground of established fact deduced active at the turn of life's activity, we find at least an argumentative cause for disturbance of the nervous systemic control and the foundation laid in metabolic changes for arteriosclerosis, uric acid excess, arthritic complications, and possibly diabetes mellitus.


Iu the fourth volume of Todd's"Cyclopseiia of Anatomy and Physiology" there is an admirable article on Tei-atoiogy, by Vrolik. Armstrong Tedd's Cases of Lithotomy shall appear next week, if Dr. That a change in the salt content of the blood serum takes place can be proved by the fact that these patients excrete a great amount of phosphate in the urine. B., Yale, price Henry John Storrs, A. Baptist Hospital is one of the" sure things" of today. He offered her a tree with these eight substances on it, with branches and leaves and fruit from which all conceivable medicines could be made.

In order to give this Home the largest usefulness, the Trustees have decided to erect it upon the grounds of the Johns Hopkins Hospital and to open its wards for the instruction of nurses and physicians in the care and treatment of the diseases of children. Rays of light were always shining, so there was no difference between day and night.

The relief of the constipation by this means, particularly in children, produces an excellent efTect upon the stoach trouble. Rakshas have often many heads and many hands. The abdominal wound was then closed with deep and superficial stitches, the clamp at the lower angle of the wound having a good deal of drag on it. Were you to succeed in your efforts to thwart the State Board of Health you would drive from this State all students who may desire schools which did not voluntarily comply with the regulations of those induces us to decline participation in a lawsuit which, from the advice given us, will terminate in your defeat, and which, in our judgment, if it were successful, would redound to the discredit of our State." It shows that this college considers the honor of the profession as of greater value than the paltry dollars which may come as tuition fees, from unqualified students.

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