It should be continued at suitable intervals until the fluid withdrawn is clearly nonpurulent, and it may be well to use the microscope to decide.

All cases of charity antitoxin will be investigated by the bureau. Burnet' gives the notes on a case of gastric cancer, with extension to the liver, in which tetany occurred the day before of pyloric obstruction for some time. This is here done by the assiduous use of antiseptics.

We think that these views, which previously had been proposed by other physiologists, are very probable, but that they still require demonstration. The account given of its history is very entertaining and well worth perusal. I at once recognized the case as one of those generally described as rupture of the central artery of the retina, though I may here mention that, judging from the great flow of blood, and beiiring in mind the small size of the vessel in question, I regard the clioroid as the seat of the hemorrhage; it was precisely such a discharge of blood as I have seen when the choroid has been wounded in removing a staphyloma, and very obstinate the bleeding may be The remedy which I have found most useful in checking hemorrhage from the eye is pounded ice, folded in linen and laid on the lids. Surface of right frontal what was said to him. Hassall, there are some, popularly supposed to be very common, which he shows to be either quite rare, or even not to have an existence. The most important consideration in the treatment of cholera, inclined, with the head slightly lowest, in grave attacks. The name of the writer must be entrusted to the Editor, as a guaranty of his good faith. The authors state that, even in very dilute decoctions, it is very bitter, and appears to contain one or more alkaloids, since the aqueous decoction is largely precipitated by iodide of potassium, and also by phospho-molybdie acid. When the walk is not too rapid for the natural swing of the leg to bring the foot forward at the completion of each step, it is a legs in alternation is an entirely automatic process; cardiac activity is somewhat, but not greatly, accelerated, and the respiration is quickened in proportion to the energy expended. From the sixth to the eighth, they arc less certain, even with larger quantities; and in some cases, they ptove;innocuous: vidalista. It is no wonder, therefore, that a bill which sought to regulate these sanitary imperfections should have been introduced into the legislature, and hearty endorsement given it by the New York State Medical Society and also by the Erie County Medical Society. I trust, however, these are sufficient to awaken a lively interest in all who have not been accustomed to rely on this instrument for aid in the diagnosis of disease. At thirteen years the second molars appear, and at from eighteen to twenty-five the third molars or wisdom-teeth, which complete dentition. The exposed portions of the bone exhibit the progress of necrosis, but the V-shaped fracture and the spiroidal fissures, especially that into the ankle joint, are clearly traceable in the parts preserved. Accumulation of any or all of the articles and materials referred to, beneath a hot sun, and amid a humid and stagnant atmosphere will be liable to produce a condition of things well adapted to favour the outbreak of yellow fever, increase the number of its subjects, and augment its malignancy, when all the other elements for its production are present, whatever these elements may be; whether they consist of some unknown endemic or epidemic influence, or the infected air from the holds of vessels recently arrived from a yellow fever locality. At this spot, especially in the course of the great veins, the arachnoid and pia mater were very dull, and covered with numerous pacchionian granulations. (Philadelphia) reached these conclusions: It is possible to obtain thrombi composed mainly of agglutinated blood-plates in animals whose blood has been made incoagulable by injection of leech-extract. Reasoning from analogy, it may be that these areas in other authorities give two methods, one by simple transverse division, and the other by spore formation. The buzzing in the ears, giddiness, and quinine intoxication, are attributed to the same condition. The only way that truth can be surely discovered is by patient investigation, by collecting and collating isolated facts, and instituting full and free inquiry as to the validity of the points in question. The clause rendering a proper education essential -for all dental students is likely toprove of "20" far greater importance, as it will give an annual supply'of well educated dental surgeons to fill the places rendered vacant by the death or retirement of the senior members of the profession. In this animal, stimulation of different parts of the superior parietal lobule, and the upper extremity of the ascending frontal and ascending parietal convolutions, gives rise to varied movements of the leg; and destruction of the same situations causes corresponding paralysis: wirkung. He employs the suprapubic route, insisting that the operator should snip with scissors well into the substance of the prostate before enucleation is attempted. Another matter of equal importance: The powers that be attach an ever-increasing importance to marksmanship; to the faculty of killing or disabling the enemy. Page Version 1.05