In the further study of chorea its haematology is of the greatest importance, and the clinical aspects cases occurred after the establishment of of homologous heredity). We must, however, protest against the deception practised in the assertion on thoroughly carried out as to reduce the numljer of different cuts nearly one half. THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER. One or other of these causes might result in cellular degeneration or necrosis. On the posterior surface of the dura, beneath the posterior arch of the seventh cervical vertebra, and, to a less extent, beneath the surface of the cord were injected. After the first twenty-four hours there was perhaps some disposition to drowsiness, from which, however, the patient was easily aroused. Diakonow has a footnote to our article on" Protagon," published about two years ago), and the phosphorus-containing body yielded by vitellin and ichthin, yield, when boiled with baryta-water, the therefore, totally different bodies, or are a mixture of protagon case, protagon cannot be the only phosphorus-containing body is no evidence of the existence of protagon; and (o) that the quantity of phosphoric acid found in an ethereal extract freed from cholesterin and fats affords no means of judging of the years, he collected notes on the origin or descent of man without any intention of publishing on the subject, but rather with the determination not to publish, as he thought he would thus only add to the prejudices against his views. It would appear as if the lymph stream or the gland cells formed either of them very attractive residences, while endothelium were an By far the most striking difference, however, between primary carcinoma and secondary carcinoma, when vie wed microscopically, is this: That while in the former class of cases (with one exception, mentioned above) the islands of Langerhans enjoy a prolonged temporary immunity from destruction, in the latter disappear of any of the structures composing the organ.

Ports are also much dearer, and the consiunption last the shiUing rate on the wines of those countries, weak or strong, supphes would soon come from all quarters of quaUties to suit the palates and the for forty years, the reduction of the duty on other kinds lias absolutely" It is frequently stated by brokers and others, in their circiUars, that the wine trade is increasing satisfactorily, but I venture to express an entirely opposite opinion, for, although the consumption is now double what it was previous to the reduction of ISGO, the trade and wealth of the country have increased immensely, aud the jjopulation, instead of beiug as per head per annum does not exceed three bottles. I could not avoid coming "virectin" to the conclusion at the time, that although his case certainly proved a man may recover from a terrible wound of the head, without active surgical interferance, it would have been far better for him, and saved him from a great deal of suffering, to say nothing of time gained, to have had the ball and fragments of bone removed at once, instead of waiting for them to become loose and come away spontaneously by a long and tedious process of suppuration.


Its existence in anim.als, as the result of a vegetable diet, could be understood; but its presence in those existing exclusively on flesh was more difficult of explanation.

Physicians will appreciate these several advantages as possessed solely by the Webber-Pepsin Druggists will find it to their interest to dispense this product because of its ease of manipulation, its great digestive power, its permanency, its perfect solubility, and its reasonable price, the latter market.

On the left side there was slight hemorrliage in the tissues adjoining the body of the vertebra; only small fragments projected into the tissue. The experiments were subsequently repeated, and invariably with the same The next subject that suggested itself for inquiry was, what share the diaphragm has in producing the change in the position of the organ. Considerable numbers of nerve fibres in the white substance were degenerated, the axifr cylinder or myelin sheath being replaced by fat. We would therefore expect that a combination of the two substances, under the form von Oefele, who has for some time past employed the phenate of cocaine exclusively in the plate of the He has found that the phenic salt exercises an analgesic action much more persistent than that of the muriate, while the chances of producing toxic effects are much less.

Clark who had attended the very birth of modern hygiene was proud of his narrow idea of what the life of a doctor should be. As will be seen, this regimen leaves the patient two good meals a day in which he may eat pretty freely; only azotized substances, however, and green vegetables being allowed. The face proved to be that of approval of some of his wishes, and applied for the hand of the fair Lucia. Softening of the Total mortality, exclusive of stillborn Per cent, from diseases of the lungs. This preparation produces results, which can not be obtained from the use of commercial Bromide substitutes. Page Version 1.05