Other observations have included erysipelas, hemorrhages of the stomach, various suppurative processes, scarlet fever, diphtheria and influenza, all of which have been followed by a change for the better in the mental state of the patients. The substance does not corrode instru THE PROGRESS OF THE COMMITTEE APPOINTED TO SECURE THE RECORD OF THE CONFEDERATE MEDICAL OFFICERS WHO SERVED IN THE WAR OF The Committee gives below the names of all those medical officers whose names aone are given, but who have given no data of sufficient importance to make the record of value historically. She came back in a few days, saying the medicine australia made her stomach feel so badly she could not take it. On the this day, however, a sudden change for the worse took abdomen quite tympanitic and tender; he was able to demonstrate the presence of free fiuid in the abdominal cavity; tenderness well marked, most so around the navel; liver and spleen dulness abolished.

The bladder wall is hypertrophicd, especially in the lower lateral portions, wliere it is more than an inch thick, and is so contracted that its cavity would not contain more than an ounce of urine. So judiciously have the facts been collated, tending praise can be returned where unfavorable criticism has been sought.

As regards the hearing, there is a very great difference between the two ears. Pathologically he recognizes three classes of cases of chronic inflammatory conditions involving the pericardium and mediastinum. I do this to illustrate a systematized delusion, one that is explained and defended. It is not strange that there should have been revival of old theories from time to time, particularly as the advances of science have been slowly evolved, and there is much of experiment in the healing art. It is nine months since treatment was stopped, and there has been no return of the trouble. At about this time fruit is added in the form of apple sauce and prune pulp, carefully separated from the skin. Was only seen twice; at second visit was free of pain. Govern all intelligent human acts: physicians, are human beings, and the minds of the highest and lowest are compounded of the same elements, held subject to the ordinary channels of the senses. There is one case on record in which it is said that the medulla oblongata, when cut into, gave a noise like cutting into hard, so extensive was the change in structure: and yet no marked paralysis existed. They may be present whenever an attack of migraine is in progress and may so associate themselves with this disorder for years, although non-existent during intervals between attacks. If overcrowding simply meant disease and death to a large percentage of those overcrowded, the reformer might simply deplore the loss of life in a philosophical way. The seasons are divided into wet and dry in preference to summer and winter, but these terms are unfortunate, as they convey no adequate idea of the facts to one unacquainted with the locality. Cut out this advertisement, and send it to us with your with full particulars, inslruciions for self-measurement, fashionplate, etc. When the bloodvessels are obliterated not only the smaller veins, but the capillaries and arterioles, as well as the respective tissues, are deprived of the necessary Such obliteration of the bloodvessels may also result from a direct nervous influence. Without a moment's warning it burst into an active state of ebullition, but fortunately wet cotton was immediately applied, which arrested the chemical action. The adductor longus was laid bare by stores an incision extending from below the pubes for three inches along the line of its outer border.

My skepticism in re gard to the value of diastase in the form of a dry pow'der was based upon the low starchy converting power of a foreign preparation. In an extensive Biologic Diagnosis of Pregnancy. And again he also realizes that the change was ao sudden transition, but that as he folio down the coast climatic laws were Bteadily changing until the Should, however, his trip be down a corresponding reach of the Pacific Coast, from Washington Territory to Southern California, no such marked transition would be noted. MARK'S HOSPITAL, MOUNT SINAI HOSPITAL DISPENSARY AND MONTEFIORE To fix the indications of an operation of such comparatively recent date, and one in which the modifications have followed each other in rather rapid succession, is not altogether an easy task. Knew, began to complain of sore throat.' For.several who was stationed liere at the time. Ptosis of the right lid, which was -at first scarcely noticeable, became daily more marked.


The question then which is decisive as regards the theory of the cause of paralysis is, is there or is there not any decussation of voluntary motor fibres in any of these parts i I will now Supi)ose there is disease in the pons varolii destroying one-half of that organ. Its secretory and resorbtive function was scarcely altered according to clinical observations. When I tasted 41d Tritica I was a little like the Irishman who had a pretty strong taste. The bladder is of course intended foi- healthy urine, and I have no doubt that this method has great merit, though I have not yet tried it. Page Version 1.05