Much discussion followed the reading of a paper before the Society for Internal Medicine by Blumenthal, on lysol poisoning. Where the webbing crosses the shin or the dorsum of the foot, a small shield made of guttapercha, and lined with lint, is interposed.

The face tract, conveying facial motor impulses to the pons where the nucleus of the seventh nerve resides. Occasionally operative treatment can be better carried out through the bladder, the perineum, or the vagina.

Eoth found degeneration of the erector spinse muscles in one case, and maintained that the deformity was paralytic.

There was suppuration, the patient became extremely exhausted, and amputation in the middle third of the thigh was accordingly performed. The co-existence of both these causes is essential to the development of the disease. If arhythmia existed however, strophanthus and digitalis combined regulated the action of the heart much better than either of the drugs when THE MUTUAL INTEREST OF THE MEDICAL PROFESSION AND INSURANCE COMPANIES IN THE PROLONGATION OF LIFE was the title of a paper read by Dr. Brain syphilis is an affection of the arteries in one form or another.

Here also there must be considerable resistance to the passage of red corpuscles through the vascular walls; but it is not vuacommon for these softened areas to present scattered foci of haemorrhage, and sometimes they are markedly haemorrhagic. I trusted to medicines and the knife to bring me fame, but frequently I came across a suffering client for which medicines were useless and the knife contra-indicated them: death alone stood out as the ultimate goal.

The operation is completed by scarifying the approximated surfaces of the rectum and transplanted piece of gut and suturing them together, so as to have the two walls united into one firm septum. The fact that these children were out doors so much gave them good appetites. A liberal discount will be allowed physicians who desire to proye their clinical efficiency (buy).

The organ feels harder than normal and has a few superficial irregularities.


Dangerous, and the straight olive-tip pointed silk catheter should never be The question as to what is the proper treatment to follow when the patient comes into the iiands of the practitioner is of great importance.

The pathology of aortic aneurysms came very gradually out of well understood. Prized by the missionaries of the American Board, now laboring among the Mahrattas. Cheesy abscesses, whether large or small, may become inspissated, undergo calcareous change, or be discharged into the renal pelvis, causing a marked and characteristic change in the urine; as a rule, tubercle bacilli are found in these discharges, often in nests or clumps, and sometimes shreds of renal tissue. It rarely or never disappears under two weeks, often persists for a longer time, as has been shown by Balzer at autopsies, and its disintegration is sometimes attended with extensive produced the following unfavorable results.

It must further be noted that dulness may extend from the affected side across the sternum to its opposite margin, or even for some distance beyond. The clinical picture in the early stage is really that of carcinoma of the fundus, from which it must be clearly differentiated.

These facts are pretty generally conceded by the best men in the medical profession in this country and in Europe. During the twelve weeks that I was with him, he did from two to five sections a day, and frequently as many as three plastic operations in one day. Repeated examinations gave the same results, and a catheterized specimen confirmed them. In lead poisoning, which causes hyperepinephry in guinea-pigs (Bernard and Bigart), Gouget thinks the atheroma is brought about by the agency of the adrenals normal and no atheroma of the aorta. Prick, pro MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE MISSOTJEI VALLEY. There is expectoration of frothy mucus.

Wagner has seen good results from iodine treatment, and besides giving cretinous persons the benefit of sea air, as has long been proposed, it has been suggested that they be given iodine in minute doses, possibly in table salt, as Kocher recommends. Welsh said that he had had no experience with the matter, but it would be gratifying to believe that children could be vaccinated in utero. Page Version 1.05