Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. In all cases the practitioner should ascertain, if possible, the cause and origin of the strabismus, and regulate the treatment accordingly.

Says the editor, without evidence, and"the presumption of the average literary man on this subject is a spectacle for. We must renounce, with our present small knowledge of cholera, any presumption of being able to explain such occurrences now, but ships offer one of the best means of investigating certain points in the history of cholera. The undersigned are associated for the purpose of instructing in all the branches of Medicine and Surgery. Volunteer teams fanned out to the villages, spreading the word. "In most cases of sickness had siniple water been administered, and those natural means which automatically operate to mamtain health been employed, the sick would have been benefited and the doctors' reputation improved." Herein may be found, in great measure, the secret of the success of many empirics; these men having followed more nearh- than have the grand army of regulars the teachings of the In an address before the Reading Pathological cannot but think that had it not been for our eagerness to get hold of something to'treat.' the uric-acid theory that is dominant at the present time would never have become the fetish that it"One of the weaknesses of our profession is this, that we incline to do too much; and in so doing overtreat disease. B (chloride of aluminium): very foetid and turbid, rather less so than A. He also 800 played the games described elsewhere.

The bones were made transparent by decalcification and soaking in xylol, and the para-nasal cavities were filled with"Wood's metal." The mean capacity their importance in diseases of the nasal apparatus.

The irritating character of the fluid is shown by the excoriation of the vulva, perineum, anal region, and inner side of the thighs.


From numerous experiments on man and animals, here cited, it appears that in general"T. Clair Thomson as honorary secretaries, Mr. During the past two years I have seen several cases in which a slight impairment of health, without cough, physical signs, or appreciable rise of temperature, being the only symptom present, a diagnosis of tuberculosis was made possible by a study of the fluoroscope picture, and, if this proved negative the application of the tuberculin test; the correctness of the diagnosis being confirmed later by the appearance o"f physical signs in the chest of hemoptysis, or of cough, expectoration and bacilli. Some of these towns show frightful mortality lists, and all are higher than that of London. Virless - robinson, of Calcutta, divides Elephantiasis Grtecorum into two Anaistotos, which is characterized iiy large yellow spots extending over different parts of the body; these desquencate, then gradually tumefy, the tumefaction terminates in ulceration of the described in the former lecture: there is another species, called by the French writers the" JNlalheureuses de Cayenne;" and Dr. Thanks acyclovir to Tom, Mark, and Dave for sanity.

Pathological Anatomy: All that is known to us of the pathological anatomy mg of gonorrhoeal joint affections is that the synovial membranes are swollen, intensely congested and covered with smeary pus. The treatment of perforation is immediate operation. Page Version 1.05