The dimensions of the The stomach contains a large amount of fluid blood and The esophageal veins are much dilated, and project into stomach there is an erosion, tliree millimetres in diameter, which passes directly into a superficial vein situated in the mucous membrane.

Here is a rare opportunity for those who want the essential and entirely practical details, personally given and demonstrated, to supplement ordinary book knowledge.

The sterno- mastoid, the masseter, the supra- and infra -spinatus, the gastrocnemius and the rectus femoris, may be especially mentioned.

The other forms of irregularity are only rarely benefited, and patients with heart block or extrasystoles may even find their discomfort increased by any dosage large enough to produce a therapeutic effect, and they will of course get no effect, either good or bad, from smaller doses.

Yoy my present purpose, however, they suffice as proof that the virus of syphilis may live on in the patient's blood during the long period mentioned; and this too, in some instances, in spite of much treatment by mercury.

As in influenza, rest, light diet, and the avoidance of chills conduce powerfully to a speedy and sound convalescence.

The Treasurer shall be a trustee of the Merritt H. The uterus was amputated just above the interual os, the cervical canal closed, and the peritoneum sutured over the The success of this case, in spile of the marked difficulties presented by the exhausted condition of the patient, and the septic state of the uterus, makes it a brilliant contribution to the records of the operation.


Aided by the sense of touch, I tear not to injure the Eustachian orifices. The history of surgical anesthesia furnishes no exemption from this general law.

Prepared this paper which was based on a study of one hundred cases of nephritis in infants under three years of age. Paraffin, when incorporated in gauze, delayed coagulation; hence, gauze prepared with it was of little or no use.

The very important subject of nomenclature and nosology of splenic lesions is not intimately discussed. THE MOST IMPORTANT DISINFECTANTS FOR ANIMAL easily prepared disinfectant for spore-free bacteria.

And, finally, the committee appointed by the New York Academy of Medicine report that the operation tablets was performed successfully in eleven out of thirty-two cases. It is far below the maximum dose I have given on several occasions and less than some men use regularly. Another illustration I used: Liquid diet. It disappears in twelve to twenty-four hours after it has reached its height, and does not leave the faintest stain. In middle of right back, slight dulness; respiration not so free as on left. The Chelsea, Brompton, and Belgravia Dispensary held its ninety-first annual meeting last week.

Then pain was felt in the region of the groin, and this continued with moderate enlargement of the hernial swelling. It seems that there is a regular Kneipp Vereiu in New York, with over one hundred members, which has its headquarters in Bond Street, and it was in belialf of this organization that the Park Commissioners were asked to take action. An instance, in point is the weak shilly-shally resolution relating to State Medicine passed by the last House was construed by the congressional committee having consideration of the Sheppard-Towner that the House of Delegates of this Society consider what action may be deemed proper, that this condition may be prevented from occurring The danger of all organized democratic bodies is their control by a small, alert, and effective chosen not necessarily because of their fitness, but because of their pliability to the domination of the group.

My opinion upon that point however, has changed in view of certain facts that have come to my knowledge since that time." There have been several operations by one and another of the Profession here, in which online a permanent opening has been made, and of four or five cases, including those that I have known something about, only one has got well. It was quite probable that there was no inflammation about the cerebral meninges, and that there was no effusion upon, or buy within the brain.

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