He further urged the use of the strabismometer, invented by the late sulphate of quinine which was perfectly soluble in distilled water alone. Harvey Gushing, ("Treatment by the Tourniquet to Counteract the"chilblains" since childhood during which"toes or fingers would become red and swollen and would itch and burn." Shortly after a recent attack of la grippe the legs, feet, arms and hands became red and swollen. The abdomen at first is rigid and then slowly distends.


It may be propagated by all the modes of application to shrubs or trees; even by pieces of the roots; but the mode usually adopted is by cuttings for con tinuing varieties, and that by seeds for procuring them.

MASTER OF THE HOUNDS (THE HUNTER).. There are meningitic affections of the brain that may be either superficial or deepseated, or sclerosis, either limited or extensive; and all these lesions, general or local, but, always complex, may appear The result is, if the patients survive, around which there are ranged intermediary lesions. The procedure of choice for this condition was gastro-enterostomy.

You say this bov has never been in good health. Excellent location in growing area We can help you prepare for Radiation to the prolesslon on request Iron Trauma Should Suggest Chronic Epidural Classically, an epidural hematoma follows a head trauma as an acute sequela and brings the patient to neurosurgical attention within a few hours of the accident. Sow saladings, and gather seeds as fast as they ripen. The articles give a very good idea of the work accomplished by medical men during the great war.

Volutrex - the physical examination reveals a girl well developed but poorly pressure in the right hypochondrium also over the right kidney and in the costo-vertebral angle.

Medium of the constitution, is a very frequent cause of the disease, but it is sudden transitions from heat to cold, that is the most prolific source of the complaint. Fergusson removed with the gouge the part thus affected, but remarked afterwards that he did not consider that this measure was always absolutely necessary, as he had sometimes left portions of bone in this condition, without witnessing any unpleasant In both the above cases, Mr. It has been said that Satan is most dangerous when he appears disguised as an angel of light. Of the Surgical Service, mentioned that while looking after the tvohoid-cases, had that afternoon been rushed to the operating-room because of a oerforation. By the use of the hot douche, Barnes's dilators, and the introduction of a piece of flexible catheter was delivered forty-eight hours after the first douche.

Almost eagerly he discourses of what surgeons may do for the relief i)f meningeal inflammations, arguing that as I wenty-five years ago acute abdominal infections were almost as fatal as the acute infections of the meninges, and as to-day these abdominal infections are cured by surgery, so he is convinced that our treatment of intracranial infections has l)een too long encrusted with conventionality, and that" we are no longer justified in regarding such cases as hopelessly lost, and in remaining with folded hands. The bowels should be opened by either of the neutral salts, and a strict antiphlogistic regimen should be observed.

The operation of i lithotrity, when carefully performed, creates little more pain than that of sounding for stone, and generally, in a healthy bladder, leaves as little irritation behind. From the very interesting report of the Library Committee we learn that the total ninnber of volumes in the of some of the more important periodical publications, reach the As to current periodical publications received there has been a further decrease from that noted in the report of the previous year. Brodhurst in breaking up the adhesions, and that is, restoring the head of the humerus to its normal receptacle, the glenoid cavity, which took place with an audible"click." The bone was retained in position without much difficulty; and notwithstanding that there was atrophy of the deltoid muscle from disuse, and considerable shortening of the great pectoral muscle, the patient was I gradually obtaining good motion.

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