The scope of this article does not admit of a study of are two diseases, however, which prevail epidemically, that may be briefly mentioned as presenting peculiar and extreme variations from the ordinary characters of either the specific contagion or the more generic miasm; these are influenza and cerebrospinal meningitis. (See Table on top of next Now, gentlemen, I believe that, in the main, Dr, Tyler Smith is right. It may be marked by chills, occasionally by convulsions; fever is usually present from the beginning at first slight, but subsequently it may become high.

He was about thirty minutes giving this zyvox treatment.

A microscopic examination of the blood showed that the white corpuscles greatly outnumbered the nil. Experience in the tropics demonstrates that better results are accomplished class in four or five hours a day than in seven or eight. The process is a modification of the method of granulating gunpowder. In cases ol perforation"I the ear-drum the middleear is essible to injections through the external auditory insufflations through the Eustachian catheter, a specially Bhaped catheter introduced through the nostril so as just to engage the opening of the Eustachian tube. Such psychical perturbation can easily be explained if we take into consideration Columbus' highly imaginative cerebration, his exalted religious conceptions, his daily devotional exercises, and his deep-rooted belief that he was the chosen one from among men to carry the light of the true faith into far-distant, unenlightened and pagan lands. Death not infrequently occurs from rupture into the pleura. Renowned European teachers are being brought to America for is the special purpose of conducting this course.

They are scattered and do not upon the face but has none upon the body or limbs. Integration and at the same time promote the healing of the cavity. Beneath the epithelium, they constitute a network, the meshes of which are arranged polygonally. For generations physicians have considered cold the potent factor in inducing pleurisy. The quality is less pulmonary, and proaches the tympanitic; it has been called vesieo-tympanitic resonance.

We think it sufficiently recent from the injury and sufficiently connected to have a tendency to show her condition as affected by the injury. A first class sanitarian in the Cabinet would be one of its most useful members; let us therefore make no halt in our efforts toward securing this result. But in spite of our best efforts in its treatment, acute metritis will, in the great majority of cases, pass insensibly into the chronic form of the disease. In general, it may be stated that the dendrites or protoplasmic processes conduct impulses toward the cell body (cellulipetal conduction), and the axis-cylinder process conducts them away from the cell (cellulifugal conduction).

Houghton may, probably, find that his cases of varicose ulcer will yield still more quickly to treatment if he uses a more soothing application than soap plaister. The atrophy of all the bones of the foot contributes to its smallness.


The sac may be enormous, and cause an abdominal tumor of the largest size. It is known, however, that infection with Entamoeba of the histolytica or tetragena type may persist in many instances for long periods of time after the symptoms have subsided, during which time the encysted entamoeba may be passed in the stools and constitute an important source of infection to other individuals provided they come into contact with their food or drink. In nearly every instance of the so called neuralgia of the testicle there is a history of previous inflammation or trauma which would obviously be the condition most likely to cause adhesions.

The granulated salt is to be given in doses of from one to three teaspoonfuls, dissolved, at the time of taking, in iced water, and the solution drunk during effervescence. The legs are far apart, the shoulders thrown back, the spine is greatly curved, and the abdomen protrudes. Sec Thierry by a case in which it was removed, together with the whole of the palate bone, on account of a large libro-vascnhir tumour springing from the: drug. Normally the kidney can eliminate without harm to itself, apparently, various bacteria carried to it by the blood-current from the intestinal tract or some focus of infection; and it probably becomes infected only where its resistance is lowered, as a result of some general cause, as ana?mia, malnutrition, or intercurrent disease, or of some local cause, as nephritis, displacement, congestion due to pressure of neoplasms upon the ureter, twisted ureter (Dietl's crisis), or of operation, or where the number or virulence of the micro-organisms is increased.

Attendance as a delegate at an annual meeting of the Association is not necessary to obtain membershio.

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