The pupils may be unequal, the irides diverse in color, or perhaps showing a coloboma. The ataxia is also very well marked in the legs, as is most readily shown by the well-known" knee-heel test," and also in the arms, as tested by bringing the finger tips together, by reaching for an object held before one, writing, etc. If the muscles of the face and tongue be involved, speech is disturbed. The Knock-Out Blow on the Point of the Jaw. The oak-eggar, or bombyx quercus, the liparis auritlua, the arctia caja and arctia villica, and the common drinker, odonestris potatoria, are the chief creatures. The physical mg signs show that the chief seat of the lesion is in the smaller bronchial tubes. Certain other influences bring about a disturbance of the normal equilibrium between the stimuli and the inhibitors. Convalescence was perfectly uneventful, and menstruation was established normally. A AVERS: ECLAMPSIA, PREVENTION AND TREATMENT. About two years and a half later, she again returned, this time for symptoms pointing to some disturbance of the urinary apparatus.

The patient was haggard, emaciated, and presented the apj)earauce of Two or more calculi were readily detected in the bladder with the Thompson sound.

In the management and treatment of the affection it will be necessary to take this distinction fully into consideration; but seeing that spasmodic asthma can, and certainly does, occur independently of local and chronic irritation, I shall first consider it in its simplest form as the primary disease. The majority of such schools depend on the general hospitals situated near them for the privilege of the use of clinical material. The repeated attempts which have been made to cause an improvement of tetany by the administration of parathyroidin are very interesting. Department of the East, for assignment National Association for the Protection of the the members of the National Association for the Protection of the Insane, etc., and invited guests, will be held at Municijial N. The combination of quinine, opium, and digitalis, known as Niemeyer's Pill, has long enjoyed a great reputation in pyrexial cases; but, although its general effects are sometimes salutary, it is rarely very efficient in salicylic acid, salicylate of soda, antipyrin, thallin, phenacetin, antifebrine, and many others.


So far as we can at present appreciate the conditions, the spinal process of the neuron cells in the spinal ganglia seem to be affected earlier, more regularly, and more extensively than the peripheral process; but it seems to us probable that there are individual differences in this respect, and that many differences in the course of the disease in different cases of tabes may be explained by such variations in the particular anatomical localization of the tabetic degeneration. Anatomical experience in regard to primary spinal apoplexy is still quite slight. The rusty sputum has of all the symptoms of the disease the best right to be called distinctively pneumonic. On consideration, they decided that this was due to the fact, which has been proved experimentally, that nephrectomy increased the osmotic pressure of the blood, although the quantity of the blood was increased, and through this rise in osmotic pressure there was an increase in the absorption of any fluid which was therefore conducted with salt solutions of approximately this concentration, in order to eliminate the increased absorption factor of a hypotonic solution, They found in this series of experiments that the absorptive capacity of the peritonaeum was increased in rabbits after nephrectomy, and that this increase lasted for about twenty-four hours after the operation. Patients who have suffered from hay fever and hay asthma for years declare for that this application gives more relief than any of the numerous remedies which they have previously tried. The breath -sounds assume a more definitely tubular or cavernous quality; bronchophony or pectoriloquy appears, and the riles become larger and more ringing or metallic. Meanwhile arrangements are to be made for the regulation of the temperature of the for its medication with eucalyptus, thymol, or wool-fir oil: used. There was a very large left effu-ioii of sonie months' standing, and the cardiac iinpuls(; w.is to he seen and felt outside of but.so purulent as to b(! perfectly opacpie, and this fact led him to think that a permanent oi)ening would prove necessary sooner or later. One of the interesting features of life here is found in the time and attention given to flowers, plants and shrubbery of all kinds. The infiuence of cold in increasing temporarily the pain and hardness indicates the probable truth of the above explanation." This contraction of the muscular element of the corpora cavernosa is supposed to be of reflex origin, and in all of the cases reported the peripheral source of irritation was found, except in one, which is still under observation.

What - the vagina is less frequently involved, but the coincidence of erysipelas with puerperal fever, already noticed, shows involvement also of the the glottis; more frequently, endocarditis, more rarely, enterorrhagia, ulcer of the duodenum, peritonitis; according to Hartmann certain cases of" spontaneous peritonitis are caused by the erysipelas coccus"; streptococcus in the urine; affections of Erysipelas is written upon the surface in its intense redness and swelling, origin about a wound, characteristic deformity, complications. The expected third phase of the great German offensive gets put off With Buzzard this a.m (glipizide). Sansom found it in eleven per cent of his cases. The possibility of relapses should be borne in mind.

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