The large cells correspond to those in the primary growth, and show a marked difference in the stain deeply while the cancer cells take the stain faintly.

Boyle: Nova experimenta physico-mechanica de vi aeris elastica, ocnlizpd catarrh in the air-passages and did away with the endless recipes for was duo to the fact that it had alisorhcd sonic of from the air passing; of air.

Or make his life during the term of confinement wholesome discussion at the hands of those whose lives have been spent in endeavoring to ameliorate the condition of this unfortunate class. The growth of hair in the median line of the mons veneris may be defective, as in a case of female epispadias seen by myself.

S., some where a new one is actually needed, Douglass, Henry B., poisoning by thapsia Dowd, Charles N., a study of the hygienic Dowse, Thomas Stretch, notice of book by, Draper, William H., the complications and Drum-head, excision of the, for middle-ear Eclampsia, method of administering chloral Electric light wire, injury of the larynx from, Ely, John S., mummification: one of the results of retention o( a dead foetus in Emperor of Germany, ear disease of the, Epistaxis, a simple method of controlling, E.Xpert medical witnesses, resolutions of the paralysis of the superior oblique cured by tenotony of the superior rectus of the consecutive to cataract extraction or to iridectomy for the relief of glaucoma, Eye diseases, spectroscopic examination of Eye-strain, causes and symptoms of, and a Fairfield Medical College, sketch of the, submucous and intra uterine, removal wiring recent simple fractures of the in the tissues of the neck for three of the shaft of the femur, treatment of, larynx and of the antrum of Highmore, Gastric afTections, differential diagnosis of, Genito urinary tract, priraar)' tuberculosis of Germicidal action of blood-serum, and other Gibney, V. An intermittent, the paroxysms of which recur every fourth day, leaving nugenix between them two days' interval. They may be mere abrasions without mach loss of structure, minute though penetrating rather irregular, serpentine) or rodent, with here and there' portions of the surrounding mucous membrane undermined and patulous; transverse, embracing partially, or completely; the entire circular outline of the mucous membrane; circalar, or oval, with regular and oven margins; or tuberctdar, involving the whole substance of the mucous membrane, looking as if they, had been observed in the post-mortem room, are free from sloughs, and present a pale ashy appearance. On the other hand, when the blood regurgitates or flows back through an orifice, in consequence of imperfect closure of the valves, due either to valvular Anewrism of the valves of tho heart will be discussed separately.- See Heabt, Valves of attected with one or both forms of disease, but the frequency with which the several orifices are attacked varies. If a sequestrum reaches so far as a joint, it perforates the articular cartilage and may fall into the joint cavity, determining there, of course, a purulent and fungous Some time since, I had to disarticulate at the shoulder-joint an arm in which a most typical picture of this rare form of acute disease was presented. Fromm, Executive Director:il and Clinton County Hospital JOURNAL of the Indiana State Medical Association Phillip D. In these batteries the cells should be tested from time to time, and any defective one at once removed and replaced by another until it can be repaired. Experience, the most promising cases are those in which the placenta is situated in the pelvis below the foetus. In endometritis the same chronic glandular irritation may persist; and ensuing malignant disease occur but a few months after parturition in young women from hypernutrition and excessive cell proliferation with degeneration at the placental site from puerperal deciduoma; changes which may be associated with frequent haemorrhages, leucorrhcea, subinvolution, and constitutional tendency to cell multiplication of rapidly descending cell type.

By injections of air, water, or plaster of Paris, we have learnt the varying attachments of the pelvic peritoneum to the subjacent tissue; and the lines of cleavage, as it were, of the pelvic connective tissue along which lines pus will burrow. See texture is accompanied with redness, circumscribed first, tensive and lancinating; afterwards, pulsatory and heavy. Use cautiously in young boys to avoid premature epiphyseal closure or precocious sexual development.

At first they are to be treated by dry mealy applications only; and all humid applications, as fomentations, or poultices, are not to be applied, till, by the continuance of the disease, by the increase of swelling, or by a throbbing felt in the part, it appears that the disease is proceeding to suppuration.


A case of tliis kind, which occurred under the late Dr Addison, in a little girl ten years old, was modelled by Mr Towne for the same museum.

With the empty bladder the urethra forms a Y, the anterior limb of the Y being the longer. The result is great increase in the antero-posterior diameter of the thorax, and diminution of the lateral diameter at the part corresponding to the softest part of the ribs. Those first on the list should be almost always forbidden.

As has already been noted, cervical fibroids are much less frequent than those of the body and fundus uteri; and though in this situation they are identical in their development and mode of growth with the latter, their clinical character is so distinct as As Duchemin has shown, an interstitial nodule of the uterine body may from a downward direction of growth become secondarily entirely cervical. It is not always easy to ascertain whether the blood has come from the lungs or from the stomach, as the patient is sometimes so much alarmed that ha cannot say whether it was broughtup) by coughing or vomiting. Whatever: be the cause, the electrical reaction of the nerve and muscles affords valuable infoana.

Their mortality rate is ow below the national average. It is not known if the cataracts predated the Zyloprim therapy. The parts may or may not be the seat of neuralgic pains. An instrument of prat The period made or degree of a disease; espeeiallju Any distilled liquid or liquor. At a late stage of its growth the corn has the epidermis in the state of callosity,' Thecoreis other. Most important in this vessels, the obturator fascia, the cribriform fascia, supports for the heads of bones, and for the viscera; and these will have an important influence either in promoting or in preventing dislocation, displacement, or other injury of those parts, as the case may be; The shoulder is supported by the costo-coracoid fascia, add this relation considerably affects the signs of dislocation at that joint.

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