Whether the mother have sufficient milk for the colt, and if not, teach the colt to suck milk out of a bottle, or from something else; for by good nourishment these deformed conditions of the legs will disappear. It costs now twenty-five cents an animal to supply veterinary medicines, dressings and surgical instruments. The care of the public health is the very incarnation of reasoning unselfishness. Therefore fast has his practice grown. ATTENDANCE LIST, TORONTO, AUGUST, IQII. For four or five days after calving, cows should have no turnips. In some instances the adverse effects may not only threaten a patient, but his physician as well. This is done by pouring into the cavity some unirritating sterile fluid, and literally washing the bowels stendra and peritoneum in it.


There is but little tenderness on manipulation, The spine and hip-joint are quite normal as far as pain goes. On section these masses are seen to be composed of small secondary cysts, and they may thus be distinguished from the papillomatous growths occasionally found in these cysts (buy). It is not necessarily this way in the determination of what is best for Finally, one ought to look at the performance of those who are delivering health services. With slight modifications the system has continued in operation since its introduction. We will therefore repeat this case in detail.

It is true that many precautions, such as frequent passing of the necks of the bottles and other apparatus through the flame, and proper sterilisation of the bottles, were laid down in the rules of procedure; but there was a certddn primdfacie case to give grounds to those who, with considerable acquaintance of the Parel laboratory and its methods, maintained that the death of eighteen natives at Mulkowal from tetanus, after inoculation against the plague, was due to some flaw in the bottling at Parel. As the soft palate approaches the hard palate, it divides into two layers, the upper layers covering the floor of the nose, the lower one the roof of the mouth. We are jtarticularly proud of our summer program in Newark, in which we exhibits in the exhibit hall from l)oth sfhools which are partly a result of the summer programs. Thorough removal of all diseased tissue, outlying cells, and infected glands is the object of surgical measures, and an)rthing the present time it is generally agreed upon that where there is glandular involvement or deep-seated epithelioma of the skin, surgery followed after removal of the growth and the glands, by X-rays offers the only hope. After the ear inflammation has taken place it is too late to talk of adenotomies, and every effort should be made to relieve pain. Their actual equipment for research, as regards special incubators, autoclaves and appliances, was superior to that at Kasauli, but their rooms were not comparable. CENTRAL XEW YORK VETERIXARY MEDICAL ASSO The second semi-annual meeting of the Central New York Veterinary Medical Association was held at the Vanderbilt Hotel, George D.

If doubt exists it is wise to abstain can from surgical interference, for not only have large extravasations of blood producing voluminous intra- and extraperitoneal tumours been entirely resolved, but there is reason to believe that ova extruded into the peritoneal cavity may occasionally be absorbed, and thus give no further trouble. Allowing an animal which is over heated to cool too and many other things may tend, directly or indirectly, to bring prolonged, breathing is accelerated; horse hangs his head and varying much in character; may be hard or feeble, large or small, intermitting, etc. The continuity of the liver surface is re-established, appearing as if a new border had been constructed. But often the cells have an arrangement very like the epithelial lining of the follicles of the secreting glands, a structure which may be so well pronounced as to bring them almost into continuity with adenomas. Attacks occurring during pregnancy are usually very benign, while those following delivery are even more severe and prolonged than cystitis occurring in man.

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