From our own experiments we may infer that an iron salt introduced into the system in a certain amount will cause death; this is due to the iron, and not to any other constituent of the salt, since a similar salt of another element, although given in much larger amount, causes no symptoms. Practitioners have found triple advantages in the use of this Elixir, it is a strong tonic, is easily administered, and perfectly harmless, being free from the unpleasant effects of Quinine. The uterus was in every respect normal.

It is a case of tubercular peritonitis.


Bartholow has prescribed in cases of exophthalmic goitre, at the hospital, with very good results. I do not say we ought not to have some gentlemen who are not members of the Council, but I do not think it would be advisable to commit ourselves to the proposition that none of our visitors should be members of this Council. There has ever been a crying need for conservative reformers, and at no time has the demand been more imperative than at the present.

(Applause.) We are exactly in the same position as the Government with regard to free trade, and I hold that we should adopt the liberal principle in all our dealings. He advises hot water rather than cold in the relief of pleuritic pain, but gives alcohol regularly from the fifth day on. The triangular mass of fat and glands thus circumscribed is then carefully detaclied from the deep fascia by using as far as possible a blunt instrument.

It makes an aged and with deformed man (youn,J and) good-looking. In the introduction of the present volume we would draw the attention of the readers to the antabuse fact that Ayurveda is not at the most essenlial part of the system of the Dogmatics. He edited the last two editions of the Science and Art of Surgery of his venerated teacher. How of that College is any the worse because he knows that in a phthisical patient he may have to look out for a scrofulous knee. IT DOES NOT LOCK UP THE SECRETIONS.

When the treatment has been followed steadily, the effect is to modify the processes of bronchial catarrh, suppuration, and softening, and to lessen cough and expectoration, to diminish nightsweats, and most decidedly to prec influence the temperature. This patient voided bloody urine a few hours before death. Georce Ross said he had seen this case in the earlv stage; when he was out called to her she was almost pulseless and extremely pallid, but he did not regard her condition as by any means hopeless. Ill A Peerless Chemico-Physiological Food and Restorative Contains all Essential inorganic components of the tissues in a.

The Sanitarium is now opened for the reception of patients. Upon, in the strength at which it can be borne by the inflamed urethral mucous membrane, completely to sterilize the discharges and the "where" suppurating surfaces. The drug most frequently employed is ipecacuanha wine, either pure or "buy" diluted with once or twice its bulk of water.

; fibroid disease of lungs, ih.; - Laryngological, of London, formation of London and Counties Medical Protec tion.

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