I n this last situation some, of the veins appeared as if full of pus, whilst others were a few small clots, resembling those found in the veins.


The name of a vessel ivermectin that resembles an urinal. Serum from immunized animals shows definite protective and Necropsy reveals an enlargement of the liver and spleen.

In the ensuing Section on the Treatment of Nervous Diseases, the authors have endeavored to lay stress upon simple physiologic procedures. The descriptions of the resultant bony deformities are good, but he fails to recognize the value of the prevention of oil, and phosphorus are valuable adjuncts to hygienic To the Editor of The Medical News, Sir: The subject of this communication is suggested by a memorandum in The Medical News, entitled" Copies of Advertisements Desired." For some time I have observed a scheme that is becoming more and more prominent, while its participants are multipljang in number and increasing in zeal. Such cells as are discovered have their nuclei more or less atrophied, and closely resemble similar transformation of the liver, spleen, and intestinal mucous membrane.

A lateritious sediment in the urine has right back; skin cool. Tots fruit, and also its seeds, have been used medicinally. Abbot said that the lamentable death of our beloved associate brought very forcibly to one's mind the question whether it is possible for a septic fluid to be absorbed by the skin without any lesion of the surface. The lists would become absurd in length. Class, it is esteemed as an wholso'me upenent ing no nutnment.

(From its resemblance humans of London and Edinburgh.

The patient presented atrophic rhino-pharyngitis. Neutral salts in half their dose will not have half thor effect;; although even from these, by large dilution, we may obtain this property; but besides them and our present medicine, I know no other which has any title to it except sulphur (where). They regard appendicitis with much the same dread that they have for cholera, and wish to be told how to avoid it. Applied externally, buy it is stimulant, and promotes suppuration. A more recent communication from Leyden and puncture drainage. The treatment of sciatica may be considered under two the treatment of the chronic or established form. It is not the number of limes the mau breathes in the minute that dominates the amount of air that is breathed, but it is the size of the respiratory movements taken along with the number: it is entirely and decrease the excursion of the respiratory movements. Because of this pre-existing neuropathy, the symptoms of the nervous exhaustion present dififer from those met with in simple neurasthenia; for example, as a result of nervous exhaustion an individual otherwise normal may suffer from an attack of fear such as has already been described. It has been showii that a pruuary infection of the mucous membrane of the intestines, especially the bu'ge intestine, may occur, and not improbably the infection of the liver is secondary to this. Abdominal colic, when occurring in painters and otliers engaged in the"lead trades," should always suggest a chemical examination of the urine for lead, unless the diagnosis otherwise A grayish or black deposit of lead sulphid near or at the free margins of the gums, spoken of as the"blue line," is characteristic of lead poisoning. (So called for by the Arabians.) Jmaurom.

These courses of treatment should be repeated at intervals, provided that symptoms of active disease and a positive Wassermann in the spinal fluid In tabes and paresis or parenchymatous nervous syphilis, the above method of treatment does little good.

Although the part of the cervix inclosed in the wire was crushed, yet little or no pus was seen during the whole convalescence.

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