They possess the same qualities as the Cayenne pepper, in a Piper methyeticum. Articles in small pieces are much more speedily dissolved than in larger, the action being found to begin at the circumference of the portion; and hence the importance of careful mastication. These, whether latent or progressive, may have no discharge whatever.

Preparation may now be made for weaning, by giving the child, with his farinacea, a little animal food, as the juices of veal or chicken, or lean beef.

Thyroid gland occurrinjj nine years after the prijnary infection in a man with simple goitre, Melchior discusses the question of the causation of this delayed action of the typhoid organism. A medicine "buy" intended for MASTI'TIS.

Blisters are to be applied to the chest, or cough mixtures are to be given. Hitherto not more than fourteen names have appeared in the Natural Sciences Tripos in any one year; and, as we announce above the offer of seven scholarships annually, to which others are soon to be added, at last one-half the students may at present, with moderate work and ability, gain substantial assistance and encouragement. Bleeding by leeches, and dividing the skin over the pained part by a crucial incision, may sometimes relieve the pain, and prevent the suppuration. BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL At the enucleation the muscles are sUghtly dissected from the surrounding tissue and the superior and inferior sutured over the paraffins ball, then the two lateral muscles.

Overcrowding, lack of fresh air and sunlight, dirt, neglect and improper food, the natural environments of the majority, merely increase the normal low resistance of the child at this period. When questioned, they all agreed as to the greatly diminished amount and mitigated severity of the cases coming under their notice. It will be necessary to follow these cases through subsequent attacks, if any, to compare them with previous attacks, and also to compare the duration of periods of sanity between attacks. The Poor-law Board have, it appears, after great and lengthened consideration, required the resignation of Dr. Subsequently they are brought by the blood to their most frequent peimanent habitat, the muscles, where they become encysted and form encapsulated larvse. Gentlemen who intend to read papers or cases, and to dine at the descriptive remarks, divided them into three classes: those of superfluous development, as extra fingers or thumbs; those of arrested or modified development. In one case there had been considerable mucus in the throat, but this he considered secondary to the circulatory disturbance.

The presenting part is therefore driven through the pelvis and well into the vagina, and low forceps in a dilated passage is the most serious intervention to which the woman From our experience, which is wholly in accord with that of other unbiased American and foreign colpeurynter, materially shortens the dilatation stage in dry labors, when the uterine contractions are Borderline disproportions also, will offer another indication for its trial, for all primiparas with border line contractions should be given a test of labor before instituting operative measures. The next meeting of the above Branch will be held at the Midland TliK next intermediate general meeting of this Branch will be held on presidency of T. Received triweekly treatments, she had gained twenty-seven pounds, and the thyroid enlargement was no longer discernible.


Persistent constipation for a considerable time, with enoimous fa?cal accumulation, which resisted treatment. Thus albumen does not appear to be an acetone producer because the acetone is taken care of bj' In conclusion, he considers that, as the etiologic factors in diabetes, the central nervous system must be considered important etiologic factor, but believes that its method of action is unknown. When there are only a few horses to be treated, the solution may be applied with a spray pump instead of Horse botflies specialize in attacking animals of the horse family, though occasionally a young larva, or hot, burrows into the skin of a human being.

It is decidedly unusual for the patient to have dreams in which she herself is not quite all right, socially and otherwise.

Finally they become almost unbearable. When applied to the mouth or a cavity, they are to can be placed in a proper tube. In the course of the morning, an epileptiform convulsion came on. Mild aperients of rhubarb, sulphate of potash, infusion of senna, or cassia electuary, are the best aperients from time to time, unless the bilious or constipated condition of the bowels demand calomel, or the more jungle fevers owe their production unquestionably to marsh miasm; and hence they are so common in the swampy soils and morasses of the warm regions.

It is one of those sensations which irresistibly claim our attention, and from which we shrinli with instinctive horror. The uncry stallizable sugar, combined with acid and extractive matters, which drains off from muscovado paroxetine sugar; also, the refuse of the process of refining sugar.

This cavity is formed for an articulation with the bones of the wrist. In county lunatic asylums, notice of the death of ever)' patient is obliged to be sent to the coroner. She did not vomit, but pain and tenderness increased in severity and finally became localized in right lower quadrant of abdomen. The identification of a glycosuria as due to pancreatic diabetes was uncertain, because it implied the hazardous diagnosis of pancreatitis, which was especially difficult hepatic insufficiency per sc often produced alimentarjglycosuria which was genetically independent of pancreatic disea.se.

In spite of this there were men in the Board of Regents who, once having taken hold of the enterprise, never let these straits, Samuel Sloan again came to the toward the liquidation of the hospital's indebtedness.

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