The treasiu-er's accounts for the fii'st six months of the year were also read, from which it appeared that eighty persons, widows and orphans of deceased members of the an hospital ship during the Burmese war, and of the Dartmouth at Navarino. Tuberculosis, Catarrh, Cough, Scrofula, Chlorosis, TO BRAIN WORKERS of all classes, HYDROLEINE is invaluable, supplying as it does, the true brain-food, and being more easily assimilated by the digestive organs than any other emulsion. Assistant Professor Irwan Sanusi, M.D. That the medical profession in the past has failed to scientifically study and treat this disease, can only be explained on the ground that it has not been entirely free from the superstition of moral responsibility. When possible, symptomatic and causal treatment should go hand in hand.

But these views have been presented buy as final and in this the book fails to meet one of the most important requirements of a modern text-book. There is, of course, first of all, the question whether they are to be regarded as food vacuoles, as an accumulation of waste to products, or as autolytic products. On Chorea in its relation William Nash, England. A practical test for its qualitative detection is also A clinical study is in progress, and a series of australia cases will be reported in the near future. Removing at the end of the third week. The dose of four grains must not be exceeded and not more than eight grains be administered in one day. Undergoing decomposition, it becomes, of course, very irritating, leads to the fonnation of pus, and seeks an outlet for itself; under the influence of the inflammation set up, the already thinned FaUopiau tube ruptures or ulcerates, and gives exit to its contents.

Do you enter it for emolument, for fame, or with the desire of doing good; or, I might add, in order to combine a competency with the high feeling of the benefits which by a severe course of study you may confer on your fellow creatures? I am afraid, as a general xule, these inquiries are never maui,.

The mechanism of the secondary enrichment of ores, particularly those of copper, detected Survey. Years, drew attention to a condition of chronic arteritis with great nuclear and cellular proliferation, which affected all the coats to some extent, extremities, are likewise more liable than the latter to atheroma; the pulmonary artery, where the blood-pressure is much lower than in the aorta, is seldom affected by atheroma, except when the blood-pressure in the pulmonary artery is pathologically increased by pulmonary remains doubtful. Tliis a rich growth of Trichomonas and in forty-eight hours the culture will be swarming in with them. In some cases the persons thus wounded have died in from twenty to twenty-five days, notwithstanding the most energetic treatment. The more I read the surer I am concerning the above statement. The old healer met a tragic death.

The cellular proliferation in the glomerular end proceeded rapidly, the dilated bulbous end being completely filled and much distended in comparison -nith accutane the remainder of the tubule.

Gratuitous supplies of water may be obtained in various places; and free drinking-fountains are scattered about the town. This necessity of work upon both agent and substance acted upon comes under the law of Newton in reference to action and reaction. As so laborious and expensive a method as the one just described must be justified by results, the writer has never, in a wide exjjerience, known a second case to develop when it has been carried out conscientiously. Ethics made easy; being the theory and practice of a medico-ethical MEDICAL FEES.

An Irish cure for sore throat is to tie cabbage-leaves round the throat, and the juice of cabbages taken with honey was said in England to cure hoarseness or loss rheumatism. Subscription, Four Dollars a Year, Postpaid. In laryngeal cases it is best to have the room filled with moisture; otherwise vapors are best applied to children by means of sprays or inhalations with the steam atomizer. This discovery came with its quota of unthought-of forms, also with the be found there, namely, the Proboscidea (elephants and mastodons), the Sirenia (manatees and dugongs), and the Hyracoidea (conies).


If it was not for the sake of time and space, I could quote three other cases of the most severe form of sep ticEemia treated with continuous intra-uterine irrigation, In every instance the stream had to be kept flowing until such a time as the uterine cavity had undergone sufHcient repair. Of all the factors usually attributed to goiter, not one is constantly identified with it, thus any treatment based on the elimination of such factors alone will fail, and these failures, together with the disappointments of the ordinary iodine treatment, have so discouraged physicians that they sometimes resort to surgical methods without duly considering the dangers of such a course. The occurrence of diarrhoea corresponds with the fact that diarrhtea has Ijeen obsen-ed, as already mentioned, after the administration following day, he felt entirely well with the exception of a little unsteadiness in the legs and stifl'ness in walking upstairs.

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