For Women, In April last she had inflammation of the bowels, which threatened her life. Editor: The increasing appreciation of the importance of the glands of internal secretion and their influence upon the etiologj' as well as the treatment of any disorders, has made the subject of unusual interest to many physicians.

In such cases cubebs usually acts very promptly.


Next, saccharine dial)etes is occasionally associated with stone. This arhythmia,' or'regular irregularity.' Other names have been applied to it, such as the' coupled pulse,' and the' pulsus bigeminus,' intended to indicate that it is regular for two (or perhaps three) beats together, a disturbance of the regularity then occurring, which The supervention of a pulse of this nature while a patient is taking digitalis should lead at once to the cessation of the medicine, and its existence from any cause should suggest the utmost caution in The exhibition of digitalis should always be preceded by a brisk purge; some writers even go so far as to say that the ground should be prepared for it by venesection. Effect of surgery on blood sugar and, pyelography, retention of media employed in, effects of, pyleoureterography for diagnosis of surgical condition syphilis with secondary involvement of heart and, case traumatic injuries of ureter and, review of literature KILLIAN speculum, improved, for operation on maxillarv contracture of elbow and, apparatus for correction of, flexion deformity of, improved method of correction, suppuration around purulent focus in, filiform drainage sounds in determination of character and quantity of KORSAKOW'S symptom complex in peripheral neuritis, KYMOGRAPH, Harvard, automatic spinning device for, LABOR: Bee also Obstetrics; Perineum; Pregnancy; Presentation: Puerperal infection: Puerperium anesthesia in: see Anesthesia fibromyoma, interstitial, causing hemorrhage during hemorrhage following: see Hemorrhage, postpartum importance for delivery of connection between amnion lumbar puncture of fetus during podalic extraction as LABOR, practical importance for delivery of connection trauma, multiple abscesses of kidney originating in, case LABORATORY animals, identification of guinea-pigs under clinical, federal supervision and licensure of, under diagnostic, of state health department, suggestions to LACRIMAL drainage apparatus, affections of, conservative sac, extirpation ivermectin of, new method without resultant scar, LACTATION, duration of physiologic period of, in women LAMBDA intestinalis, cysts of, in human dysenteric LANE'S Kinks: see Intestine, Adhesions LARD, comparative value of butter fat and, in growth, LARYNGO-FISSURE, operation of, some new instruments LARYNGOHEMIPLEGIA, right, following goiter operation, tracheoscopy and esophagoscopy, direct, in specialist examination of, in general practice, importance of, in pulmonary tuberculosis, clinical postmortem study of malignant disease, partial resection or window resection muscle flap to repair gap in wall of pharynx and, operations on nose, throat and, local anesthesia in, resection, window, for removal of intrinsic malignant LARYNX, tuberculosis of pharynx and, primary, in male removal of tracheotomy cannula In, sudden death state medical, necessity of state prosecutor to enforce, LECITHIN, egg, influence of cholesterol and, administered to mother, on growth of suckling mice, LEG: see also Extremities, and under names of bones amputation, (Gritti) from standpoint of prosthesis later, varicose ulcers and perforating ulcer of foot, nerve congenital dislocation of, (ectopia lentis), case reports, weight and percentage of solids of cataractous lenses, LEONARDO da Vinci: see da Vinci, Leonardo LEPROSY, agglutination reaction with sera from human cases and from experimental animal on various acute myeloblasts, and primary anemia, case report, lymphatic, chronic, with acute exacerbation and fatal LEUKEMIA, lymphatic-myelogenous, tubercle bacilli in splenomedullary, roentgenotherapy and benzol in, case opsonic technic as possibility of evidence of leukocytic LEUKOCYTES: see Blood Cells. It may begin as a minor malady, but it is very apt to become the reverse. It should also be borne in mind, that the views of modern investigators in reference to the agency of the nervous system in pathology and therapeutics, essentially modify the treatment of disease. Mastoiditis was once a dreaded and relatively common consequence of otitis media.

The great interest in the case lay in the form of therapy to adopt. At a still earlier period they were acquainted with the buy art of working in gold, silver and bronze. By the middle of August the child was so reduced, and death so impressed on the visage, that recovery was regarded by all to be hopeless.

He lingered on for a week or eight days, and then died suddenly. He played cards because he loved to win money, and the when he won it he kept it The gambling fraternity, who, whatever else may be said of them, are liberal, almost to a man, both feared and hated him. Does this mean a person on warfarin should not eat these foods? No; what it means is that person needs to be counseled on the importance of a steady intake of vitamin K containing foods. Von dem also im Allgemeinen ausserhalb der Drtisen substanz gelegenen Grefassnetze dringen jedoch einzelne Kapillaren in die groberen Balken und grosseren Follikeln hinein, wobei sie wahrscheinlich die dieseLben bekleidende Membrane ganz einfach durchbohren; wenigstens ist es mir nicht gelungen, auch bei Anwendung der starksten Vergrosserungen line irgend eine diese Kapillaren bekleidende Hiille zu entdecken, die als eine Fortsetzung der Membrana propria Katze, Pferd, Ochsen und KHuinchen aus.

I made a series of experiments at the laboratory, and at the bedside regarding the action of diastase on barley (to). " Why don't you give him butter-milk and molasses? That'll knock it every pop."" Hello! what ails your horse?"" Give him ginger and pepper, and he'll be all right" Why don't you bleed him in the mouth?"" Oh, yes, sure enough: uk. During the fierce wars of those early periods, fractures were frequently sustained; yet there does not seem to have been any attempt at reduction. Compared with other large juiblic health movements the reduction of infant mortality is simplicity itself.

In - toward the end of the fourteenth month of his stay, I obtained for my young friend, as a private tutor, a gentleman in whose family he should reside on leaving the establishment with three or four other private pupils; and I determined he should be removed thither by one of those relatives who had conveyed him to the establishment.

Anatomy in its Relations to Medicine and Lecturer on Anatomy, Surgeon to Philadelphia Hospital, etc.

It is the mission of the Council to inform and educate the public about health fraud, to work with appropriate public and volunteer agencies to eliminate the promotion of health fraud and to support and encourage a New York State legislative program to major efforts have been directed towards education. Therefore, hypodermics of Ergotole, showed no evidence of inflammation of stomach or intestines; while another puppy, similarly treated with fluid extract of Ergot, showed both gastric and intestinal For these reasons it is welcomed as an important addition to Author of" New Therapeutical Agents." I ANALYSIS AND REPORT OF DR: on.

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